No ImageHow to Make Chicken Stock

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  1. Judy

    Can you do this in a slowcooker

  2. Emily

    This only made a half cup of stock! It reduced way too much. Is that normal? The ingredients cost me $20 (generic, cheapest brands), so I get that this is healthier, but $20 for a half a cup of chicken stock?? I’ll just buy store bought from now on :(

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  3. Richard

    Some points by someone who has made a **lot** of stock:

    1. Don’t add salt. It doesn’t help the stock making process and can lead to over-salted dishes
    2. Use whole peppercorns not ground pepper
    3. Herbs should be a bouquet garnis (bay, parsley stems, thyme and rosemary) for western cookery or ginger, garlic, mushrooms and star anise for Chinese food
    4. Strain through a muslin and then clarify by adding a couple of egg whites and shells to the stock. Then strain through a sieve and a muslin again to get a really clear stock that is free from bitter flavours

  4. Kat

    Could you use part cooked and part raw chicken? Or all one or the other?

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  5. Dana

    Dear Elise,
    Why, when using method #1, do you simmer partially covered, but in method #2, covered?

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