No ImageHow to Make Chicken Stock

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  1. Donna

    PS: this is really healthy for dogs / cats as well. Just leave out the onion!!!

  2. Donna

    I’ve been making chicken stock for years & drink a cup of it with just a pinch of salt. Yummy evening snack. I save chicken bones through the months until I get a lot. I roast the bones first, so my color is a lot darker. Always add chicken feet! Also, save your egg shells & plop them in as well- get the calcium. (After cracking for your dish microwave for 45 seconds). I store in an old coffee container. Of course Turkey carcass stock is just as good. Do add chicken feet though.


  3. Dave

    I buy broiled rotisserie chickens at the grocer and pull off meat for salads, etc. (I’m not finicky about cleaning it of all the meat.) When done, I freeze it until I get around to making stock in my 6 1/2 qt slow cooker. I set the cooker for 10 hours and often for another 10 to get everything good into the broth (I usually smell broth aroma in my pillows). I like to add several glurps of vinegar to leach out the collagen, and the vinegar doesn’t affect the taste. Be sure to keep skins on the onions, carrots, and other veggies for added nutrients and color. Peppercorns and a handful of herbes de Provence are great too.

  4. Danielle

    Thank you so much for this post! I’ve just roasted 2 chickens and pulled the meat off the carcasses to use in meals and didn’t want to waste the bones/skin/cartilage etc. I’ll be making stock tomorrow now. Appreciate the time and effort put into this post so much.


  5. Patty Stone

    Yum. I can hardly wait to try this. I’d head over to the butcher right now if I didn’t have soup going in the slow cooker right now. I’m on a soup and broth kick for health reasons so I’m always glad to find a healthy recipe. Thanks for sharing.

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