No ImageHow to Make Chicken Stock

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  1. Beth

    Tried the first method, the water completely evaporated and burnt the bottom of the pan. Won’t be trying again.


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  2. Michael

    How long can I store in a mason jar in my pantry?

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  3. Stephanie

    Hi. I tried method 2, I used saved up wing tips from cooking chicken wings, browned it in a little oil and added water, then boiled the chicken for about 2 hours, but for some reason my stock was totally white like milk, is fully gelatinized and solid when cooled overnight and is th colour of light brown cardboard box/light coffee with cream. Definitely not yellow or transparent. I have tried so many ways to make chicken stock but I’ve never ever succeeded. Please help?

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  4. Amy

    How can I prevent the broth from becoming cloudy? Mine is never clear. Are there parts of the carcass I shouldn’t use? Or am I not skimming enough? Or something else?

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  5. Sol

    Would the leftover disposable chicken be good for making raw food for an animal? I hate to waste things and don’t want to buy chicken just to throw it away

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