No ImageHow To Make Cold Brew Coffee

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  1. Michael

    Always loved cold brew since I first bought one at the mall. Now I can prepare it myself, conveniently ready anytime at home.


  2. Amelia

    Hi… I have a question can I leave it steeping for 24 hour rather than 12 hours

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  3. Bianca

    I used this to make a caremal frappuccino it was delicious ❤️


  4. Marilyn

    Why not simply use brown paper electric maker filters ?

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  5. Paul

    I use the Walmart brand cold brew pouches 6 for 4.98. Put 2 pouches in 16 oz room temperature water , but i put it in the refrigerator to actually brew for 12 hours. Then I remove the pouches and microwave 2 cups of water, add the pouches to the hot water for a few minutes and that makes some additional regular iced coffee. I prefer cold brew coffee strong, but heavily diluted with almond milk, rather than adding more water at the end.


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