No ImageHow to Make Corn Tortillas

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  1. Jason

    I have been making tortillas using a gluten free flour blend. My family liked these corn tortillas better. They have fewer ingredients and are easier to make because of it.


  2. Hazel Hamilton

    I plan to make the homemade corn tortillas. I love how simply you explain everything and provide all of the pictures. Thank you SO much! Hazel Hamilton

  3. Elena

    Used Bob’s Red Mill Masa harina. The dough turned out nicely, however the tortilla press I have pressed dough to about 2 mm thickness. I wonder if that’s what to blame for the fact that my tortilla didn’t puff up? They turned out tasty but thick and dry. I also used boiling-hot water. Thanks for any tips!


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  4. Papa Pat

    THANKS for this! I have been wanting to ask one of the ladies from church how to do this, but i was aware it was so simple that it would make me look like an ignorant rabi blanco. Now, I’ve got a chance to practice in private!


  5. Doubleclutch

    If you are unable to obtain masa harina, here is how you can make your own:

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