No ImageHow to Make Croutons

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  1. Pat B

    I have made my own croutons for many years . Besides butter, I like to use heaps of lemon pepper on them.

  2. Pete

    Just used some leftover baguette to make croutons to go with my chicken and root veg soup made from last night’s roast dinner leftovers….. Delicious!


  3. George



  4. Pamela

    Fantastic. I made a whole loaf of bread crusts diced. I’d used the inner bread to make bread crumbs. Now what I want to know is can I freeze the croutons, which I added s and p and also Parmeson.

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  5. Becky Hunt

    You have created a convert! Attempted to make my own croutons for the very first time today and they are delicious. Thanks for providing this simple recipe


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