No ImageHow To Make Fast, No-Soak Beans in the Instant Pot

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  1. Kip

    Worked like a charm!


  2. Linda

    The older navy beans that I found in the pantry this morning took 40 minutes. That’s still much better than stove-top cooking. I followed your instructions for the seasonings. The beans are just right for the white chicken chili.


  3. John

    Wonderful use of an Instant Pot. I grow bush green beans and save seed from year to year. Some years I get carried away and save way to many seeds for planting. I had about 3 pound of bean seeds (Blue Lake I believe) from 2017 thinking someday I would try to use them. As an experiment, I cooked 4 ounces of beans in 24 ounces of water et al. No soak, but a 10 minute boil on Saute like cooking Kidney Beans because these are 3 years old. Cooked for 25 minutes with NR. Perfect results. I used the remaining seasoned liquid to make Basmati Rice and added the cooked beans. Delicious

    Now cooking store purchased dry Great Northern Beans to be used in “Souper Enchiladas” (adapted from a Campbell’s Soup book). Should be good


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  4. Linda

    This was some of the best bean soup I’ve had. Quick and easy, no fuss, and best of all everyone else loved them, even my daughter in law who has never liked them in the past.


  5. Greta

    if i half the amount of beans and the water, i still use the same amount of time, correct? i believe that’s what I’ve done for other IP recipes

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