No ImageHow to Make the Best Scrambled Eggs

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  1. Mike

    Or, if cooking for one – 2 large eggs, milk and butter. Beat with a fork and cook in microwave at 900W for 3 minutes, stirring after each minute. A splash of Sriracha sauce gives them a nice ‘edge’.

  2. Nalis

    being lactose intolerant I often don’t have milk on hand so club soda also works- the carbonation helps keep them fluffy- and when I have it lactose free milk works too


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  3. Linda Moore

    Sounds good, but if you want to take an ez route, the eggs can whip up fast with a quick whirl in the blender

  4. Miranda

    In my experience, using water vs milk doesn’t make a difference. Tried a recipe from ATK and it didn’t turn out. I used your method for the first time today, using a splash of 2% as I didn’t have whole, and they turned out perfect! Thanks for the tips!


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  5. Purple Turtle

    Hello, I’m a simple 16 year old who just wanted to know how to cook without others really knowing. So but the time I have culinary, it wouldn’t be that hard. Reading these comments are quite funny, yet helpful. Regardless, thank you for giving details on how to make scrambled eggs, both the website and the comments.

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