No ImageHow to Make Fluffy Scrambled Eggs

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  1. C

    Room temperature makes the best fluffy eggs. Simply get farm fresh and wash as you use. Or allow eggs to come top Tom temperature freon the refrigerator. No dairy or water needed!!

  2. Elsmarie Norby

    I totally disagree about dairy making scrambled eggs fluffy!! Years ago I learned from an Italian chef to use a splash of water per egg, then beat vigorously with a rotary beater (the old fashioned kind). I add a few drops of Tabasco and pour onto the melted butter in the pan. Gently pull around until still shiny, as you say. Voila! The most incredible fluffiest eggs every time!
    Elsmarie in Mexico

  3. Aberhonddu

    Break 2/3 eggs into a pyrex bowl/jug and whisk.
    Add some milk (experiance will tell you how much) and whisk.
    Add a large knob of butter.
    Place in micro-wave oven and cook for 90 seconds.
    Stir contents and recook for a further 30 seconds.
    Stir again and empty onto 2 slices of toast.

  4. Rachel

    Water (seriously) is the best trick I’ve found for creamy, silky, fluffy scrambled eggs. 2 eggs + ~1 Tblsp of water, whisked well. Try it!

  5. Tammy Nelson

    Never EVER add salt prior to cooking scrambled eggs. Talk about taking away the ‘fluffy’, adding salt first will do that for sure. The picture is exactly what pre salted eggs look like while cooking. Sorry to add my ‘two cents’ that you might not appreciate, but I am 60 years old and eat scrambled eggs almost every day. Also, the picture of the ‘stuck on’ eggs in the pan while cooking, is unacceptable. If done right there will be none of that. Heat the pan or pot slowly on medium low, with a lid ajar, whether non-stick or not, does not matter. I do understand the frenzy of cooking in the mornings with young kids needing stuff NOW. Have been there, kids are grown, retired now. I am not a ‘know it all’ about how to cook anything, and to be fair, my eggs are on the firm side, definitely not dog slobberish. I love this website!

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