No ImageHow To Make French Crêpes

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  1. Stacy

    I make these as a treat for my runner son, who comes home from college during the holidays ready to eat. They are easy and delicious!


  2. Nicole

    I’m excited to try it out. The pictures were useful.

  3. Carol

    Yummy. Used raspberry jelly without the seeds for a light coating before they were rolled.


  4. Paul Scoffield

    Fine as a simple base.
    but my advice is never put the eggs or egg in till last, that way you can beat with a fork….adding the egg at the beginning makes whisking harder and longer.
    I add 15% groundflaxseed (flour content)ot thereabouts, as this makes for a sturdier and more healthy base…..i also add ginger salt and a splash of soy. again the ginger makes the pancake have a element of panache. it also adds to a healthier pancake. The oil in the flaxseed also means that the pancake will be less likely to stick. For a stronger body you can add a teaspoon of sugar. When i add the mix to a oiled pan i start on the outside and pour the mix in like a catherine wheel…..thus any excess oil goes to the center and the pancake is less likely to stick.

  5. Jelena

    My husband often makes crepes for breakfast in the weekend. And a favourite starter on family gatherings are crepes filled with cream cheese, mixture of eggs and cream poured over and baked in the oven until slightly browned on top :)

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