No ImageHow to Make Fruit Leather

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  1. Skye

    I tried this with bananas….it turned pitchy black and looks horrible. What did I do wrong?

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  2. Ashley

    What can I use if I don’t have wax paper, parchment paper to the clear wrap?

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  3. Carol J Weeks

    Can I use dry apricots for this recipe??

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  4. Dasha

    I decided to try with bananas and strawberries because they are cheap, and used parchment paper. Leather and paper fused together, there was no saving it, I had to throw it away. I wonder how did it work for others?

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  5. Audrey

    I just made apple butter and when cleaning up after I noticed a spot had dried to the counter. I scrapped it up and thought, I should make fruit leather!

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