No ImageHow to Make Fruit Leather

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  1. Donna

    Im curious. If there are any persians out there, isnt this basically one style of lavashak?? Because it seems like it

  2. Mary Hendrickson

    Question… Can you use wax paper instead of plastic?

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  3. Dawna

    Fantastic mine turned out fantastic, I did pears I peeled them did exactly as the recipe calls I tried cooking it at 170 but all that did was to make condensation in my oven, after I turn the heat up to 200 then it really started drying out like it should. I think all ovens are probably a little different. I used silicone sheets that I had purchased and once it was done it peeled off perfectly and is soft yet not too soft just like the fruit leather should be thanks again for the wonderful recipe


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  4. Hazel

    Can you use medlars (bletted) with red fruits as sweeten?

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  5. Kristin Laxson

    Question. If you are dehydrating something, why am I first adding water to it?

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