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  1. Kameko

    I use 1 cup of butter and two containers of chicken broth, along with dried chives, parsley flakes, garlic and herb Mrs. Dash, white pepper, onion powder, garlic granules, a little of crushed pepper corns, salt, and a hint of grounded sage to cook turkey and keep it moist and personal taste that my family has been enjoying. So I end up with a great stock to enjoy for part of this recipe, and use a portion towards making my stuffing, and keep the meat from drying out once cut.
    I have left the mustard out and honestly it has been the best gravy ever and has been a huge hit for everyone that has had it. Brought back memories of my grandparents holiday meals and I have never been close before and wondered what I was doing with gravy to be bland in the past.
    When cooking the giblets I have also added some extra virgin olive oil with the butter and it has helped with the flavoring for me.
    If don’t have time to simmer a cheat for finishing quickly is have it on high and stir. The smell and consistency will let you know when to put through sieve and I have completely appreciated the way things were done once finished when you don’t have the time for it to be simmering for hours. Probably was around half an hour once I had it boiling after adding the water on high.
    Must have liver and some of the neck involved because it has that flavor that brings you to childhood. Mince everything fine for it to be robust with each bite if doing by hand. Have it have a nice crispy brown finish on almost all sides and the flavor is awesome everyone wish there was more to enjoy to the last portion.
    Thank you for sharing your recipe, I appreciate your time sharing it. I never had the hint of mustard growing up and have a nack of smelling and knowing what is used or while making what is needed for it to be perfect for me and so far haven’t had any problems.
    Hope this helps you too when you are trying to make it, if you had to add other spices/ingredients would love to know so I can see if that would be something to try next time.
    Thank you for your time and hope you enjoy making it too!


  2. Deborah

    I am 65 years old & have made gravy lots of times. It usually turns out fine. But every year it has been like reinventing the wheel. I feel anxious looking at those drippings & hoping the gravy comes out. I was so so happy to find this ratio when we cooked our Thanksgiving 2020 Pandemic turkey! Where has this foolproof ratio been all my life? It tasted great. From now on, gravy need never add to my Thanksgiving meal prep anxiety. Thank you Elise Bauer!


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  3. Say cheese

    Making gravy for the first time. Thanks you saved the day!!!


  4. [email protected]

    I followed the entire thing and the turkey and gravy were fantastic.


  5. Debi Lyn

    What I think? I think this page is absolutely gravy – I mean GROOVY! :D I LOVE that you explain the differences between the starch and flour; I don’t know a whole lot about how to make “grand” meals. Sadly, I just never learned. I think I’ve made ONE MEAL EVER where all the foods were hot at the same time! :(

    I haven’t made it yet, but will be in just a bit. I’m use to using um, well…. WONDRA! I love the stuff. But, lo and behold, my friend [whose house I’m at] HAS none here. Anyway, I think this page is truly cool as even a rookie can follow and understand/LEARN! Great job m’lady – keep up the good work.. <3

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