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  1. Johanna

    Made the roast, saved the drippings and made it today. Turned out great.


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  2. Laura

    I’m wondering if you add water or chicken stock to the roasting pan or not while you cook the turkey? All the photos I see show very little liquid with drippings. Most directions for cooking a turkey say to add liquid to the pan but I don’t see the liquid in the gravy directions? First timer here…

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  3. Sallie

    I want to try this with corn starch since I have been diagnosed with celiacs. The recipe for the gravy doesn’t say how much beef stock to use?? Could you please get back with me to let me know I would greatly appreciate it very much! Thank you so much in advance!

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  4. Maggie

    I was afraid to try gravy – but this worked great! I used the flour instructions, perfect, easy, not too thick or thin… I had a pork loin roast, next I’ll try a chicken or turkey! Thanks!


  5. Cynthia

    Best gravy I ever made! For years I’ve been a Nervous Nellie knowing I had to make gravy. My turkey gravy has always been a pale comparison to my late mother’s. Too thin or too thick, often lumpy and tateless. All I could recall of her original recipe is that she used only cornstarch and never flour as a thickener. And that it was always perfect in every way. A tough act to follow.

    I had pre-cooked my turkey but it was too late to make the gravy the same day so I had ended up pouring the drippings through a sieve adding the tasty brown bits from the pan and refrigerating it all.

    Well, it turned out that made it simple to separate the fat from the rest as the fat rose and congealed. Using this recipe as a guide I measured out enough cornstarch and drippings to make 4 cups of gravy. (I cooked a 27 lb. bird!) I made a slurry of the cornstarch with a minimum amount of cold water. I heated the drippings/fat in a pot then whisked in the cornstarch slurry. I’m very impatient as I whisk the gravy waiting for it too thicken so I added a bit more slurry. Not smart bc it thickened a bit too much so I ended up adding more broth (homemade by boiling the turkey neck in water and straining) and some additional drippings for flavor. All at once it all came together perfectly! It was smooth and creamy and needed only a bit of pepper for taste as it was perfect. I was amazed…

    So tonight I served it with my turkey and trimmings. My husband couldn’t get enough of it using it on his stuffing and potatoes too! He even admitted it was better than his mom’s gravy! I knew my mom would have said it tasted just like her’s from so long ago. Who would think gravy could make a person so happy.

    My husband is already planning to make leftover turkey, stuffing, gravy and cranberry sandwiches tomorrow! Best gravy recipe ever. Everything so well explained and easy to follow. Thank you Simply Recipes! This recipe is a definite keeper.


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