No ImageHow to Make Homemade Sausage

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  1. Lr

    Ive weighed the salt twice, I had to throw out all the sausage because it was sooooo salty. Why was mine sooo salty? using kosher salt?

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  2. greg howard

    One thing I do, is for freezing, I put the sausages which I have twisted into links, on a cookie sheet. I put them into the freezer until they are firm, then I cut the links apart, and vacuum seal them in meal-size portions. This way they do not flatten out when being sealed, or untwist at the ends.

  3. Dave

    Great recipe. I’m getting ready to try making sausage for the first time and then using the venison liver I have in the freezer for Mazzafegati. My question is, after thawing the frozen venison I end up with a lot of juices from the broken cells. Do I incorporate these juices into my sausage or drain them off?

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  4. Siraj

    Kindly advise on how to make fish sausage from tilapia fish (fresh water fish, and king fish which is a sea fish at home). Thank you.

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  5. Fran

    Very good
    Very good


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