No ImageHow to Make Homemade Tortilla Chips

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  1. Alex

    Delicious it worked perfectly the baked chips are better than i thought!


  2. Hannah

    Can I use flour tortillas?

  3. Barbara

    Very well explained, thank you! I will try this soon.

  4. xiao

    I followed the recipe exactly! I made some perfectly baked tortilla chips that were very crunchy and had a great taste!


  5. Amy

    I plan on using my deep fryer that currently has peanut oil in it. Do you think I could use the peanut oil?

    • Elise Bauer

      Hi Amy, you can use the peanut oil in the fryer as long as the oil isn’t rancid. Smell or taste the oil, if it still smells or tastes good, you can use it!

  6. Jenna Jones

    Can I use vegetable or olive oil if that’s all I have?

  7. Anne H

    Thanks for the tip to use the infrared gun! I would have never thought to use that to check oil temp, but it is genius. I was able to easily monitor the temp for perfectly cooked chips with the least amount of oil absorption. I was trying to find a use for a huge jar of pickled jalapenos and I realize I had a huge bag of old corn tortillas (no need to dry them out) and they were perfect for nachos with some refried beans, meatless turkey chile, salsa, and sour cream. Yum, and I didn’t even have to go to the store and buy chips, these were a big step up from most store chips too.

  8. El

    Thank you for sharing!! Just made some!! Perfect!! Made some for salsa dipping. Also made some and sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar, yum!!

  9. Ryan

    I don’t get it. Wouldn’t it be easier just to buy the chips? Are you making them from scratch? If not, what is the point? The cost would relatively be the same and the amount of time to do it. It takes no time or effort to buy some masa harina and roll them out yourself.

    • Elise Bauer

      If you want to make toast, and you happen to have some sliced bread, do you bake bread from scratch just to make toast?

      • Tiffany

        Exactly lol! I have left over tortillas and wanted to know how to make them into chips!

      • Kelly


    • Mil

      Here is another reason: I am on a medically prescribed low-iodine diet. I was not able to find any unsalted tortilla chips, and I have no guarantee that the salt used in the preparation of the regular ones has no iodine. But I found unsalted corn tortillas. Now i can make my own chips using non-iodized salt! This has been most useful, and I’m very grateful!!

    • Brett McCabe

      For that baked version, cost per ounce for corn tortillas today at my national chain store was 7.9 cents per ounce. Baked Scoops were over 40.0 cents per ounce.

    • Sophia

      Reason #1
      Cooking is fun! Sometimes I bake cookies just because I want to bake.

      Reason #2 Perhaps this is healthier? If you went out and bought a bag of Tostitos, there would be a lot more salt and preservatives than this.

      Reason #3
      Maybe someone would just need to get rid of some tortillas before they go bad.

      Think, McFly!

  10. Sandra

    Hi Elise, thank you so much! We baked our tortillas using shop bought tortilla wraps (herby mediterannean) and your recipe. They turned out delicious, crunchy but not too hard (if that makes sense?) :-) in fact we liked them so much we are making more for my sister as well! Well flavoured them with sea salt and cayenne pepper. John (my partner ♡) sprinkled some paprika on our first batch. Do you have a recipe for homemade corn tortilla wraps? Love your website/blog, keep posting more delicious recipes

    South Kilkenny

  11. Nway Nway

    I made this with flour tortillas in an oven with 350degree without excess oil and it turns out amazing crunchy not too hard, not chewy but perfect tasty tortillas. Thank you for the recipe.

  12. Kelly G

    I followed the fries recipe and it was so easy and delicious. I don’t see myself buying corn tortilla chips in a bag because this is so much cheaper easier and I can regulate the amount of salt. Definitely will be making this regularly.

  13. Sherry malone

    I went to restaurant and they served flour tortilla chips.thru are easier for me to eat due to bad you follow the same recipe for flour tortillas

    • Elise Bauer

      Hi Sherry, if using flour tortillas, I would cut them into wedges, dip them in melted butter, put them in a 350°F oven for 10 minutes.

  14. Ckish

    Also great with sugar and cinnamon sprinkled on them for a sweeter treat!

  15. Louise

    It doesnt matter how deep the oil for frying is, the chips will absorb as much as they need to. So you cant really make chips with less calories by frying it in shallow oil, you are deceiving yourself.

    • Elise Bauer

      Hi Louise, I couldn’t agree with you more about the calories being the same. My goal in frying in shallow oil is to not waste oil; that’s the only reason.

    • Jeff

      She never said using less oil was less fattening. She said baking or microwaving were less fattening alternatives. Actually using more oil is better because you don’t have as much trouble with temperature drop. Food absorbs more oil if the oil is too cold.

  16. Andrea

    These were fantastic! Followed the fried recipe exactly and they turned out wonderful. My family begs for me to make these. Thanks for the recipe!

  17. Shannon

    I tried the fried recipe and wow it was delicious! I am never going to be able to eat store bought tortilla chips again. This is the only recipe I need for homemade tortilla chips. Had them with guacamole and I was in heaven. Thanks for sharing!

  18. Ariane

    Delicious!!!! I made the baked ones because I am trying to be good. Thanks for the wonderful recipe.


  19. Salvador

    This may be weird to some… It was for me at first, but WOW!

    I grew up in a home (in Mexico) where we always made our own just like in the fried recipe. We use them a lot to eat ceviche and chilaquiles. We always used corn oil. Then I married a Cuban. They fry a lot and fry pork a lot. In my family we disposed of oil as soon as frying was done. In hers, they saved it and reused it 2 o 3 more times… think about it, just like restaurants do!

    The first time in her house I asked for oil to make my own chips, I was handed the “used” oil. They had fried pork rinds and pork belly. Trying not to be unpolite, I used it… My chips got into a new dimension! While NOT infusing a clear and disctinctive taste or smell that could be operpowering, the pork fat released into the oil made them really delicious!!!. I shared this with my family and they all love it!

    Obviously I started saving the oil where fish was fried… you know the rest…

  20. Jean

    I have a question. I would like to make nachos with these. Do I fry them as in your above directions, then make the nachos and bake them? Or would I make the nachos on “raw” chips and bake them? Not really raw, but I couldn’t think of another way to ask.

    • Elise Bauer

      You definitely want to start nachos with chips that have already been fried.

    • Kelly G

      I specifically came to this recipe to make them for nachos because my kids had snacked on all my store bought chips. These were better!

  21. Amy

    Spraying the tortillas with a little cooking spray before putting them in the oven make them a little tastier too.

  22. Ashley

    Could I use my homemade tortillas for this?

    • Elise Bauer

      My homemade corn tortillas are a bit thicker than store-bought. I don’t think they would work as well as store-bought. But if you try it, please let us know how it turns out for you!

  23. Felicia M.

    Hi Elise!

    How long will these chips last before they go stale? I’ll be making some for Thanksgiving & oven space will be at a premium then. The microwave method didn’t yield such a lovely result as the oven baked ones. Thanks!

    • Elise Bauer

      Hi Felicia, I don’t know. These disappear as soon as I make them, so they’ve never lasted long enough to get stale.

  24. Lisa

    My family loved these! We just recently started eating vegan, specifically low fat vegan. We didn’t use any oil, or even any salt, but we don’t tend to use much salt anyway. I must say our cooking time seemed to vary – but I’m pretty certain that was our oven’s fault! A few months ago we would have called these pretty bland this way, but I suppose our tastes have adapted to a healthier eating style! We ate these with homemade refried beans and salsa. The fam devoured nearly 20 corn tortillas worth!

  25. Katie

    So I just tried the baked version but with flour tortillas and I ALMOST SET MY HOUSE ON FIRE. I have no idea what I did wrong or if it was because I used flour and not corn but they were BURNT to a crisp after about 5 minutes. My house will be airing out all night and I ruined two perfectly good cookie sheets. Awesome.

    • Elise Bauer

      Corn tortillas and flour tortillas are completely different and should not used interchangeably in recipes. You can make baked flour tortillas, but think of it like making very very thin toast. Take them out of the oven as soon as the edges start to brown.

  26. RPeterF

    I thought I was the only one who did this. I like to use a perforated pizza pan and bake 6:30 mins at 450. I sometimes sprinkle with seasoning or spray with lime juice. I buy the really cheap tortilla – $0.35 and cut each into 8 pieces. That’s less than a dollar for 200 chips.

  27. Kelly

    Mine all burned on the edges and the middles were still chewy. ): I even dried the tortillas out beforehand, so I’m not sure what I did wrong.

    • Jessica

      *The cooking temperature was too high.

  28. Emilie

    This is perfect! I’m moving out of my apartment in a few days and am trying to eat my way through my cupboards. I’ve got a bag of corn tortillas in the fridge that I’ll never be able to finish by then. Now I know what to do with them. They’ll be much easier to share with friends in chip form!

  29. Jamie

    SO EASY!!! DELICIOUS!! I only neede to fry for 45 secs.

  30. Jeff @ Cheeseburger

    The fried tortilla chips are much much more delicious.

  31. Anitbit

    Those chips look great! I am wondering how the Flat-out flatbread would turn out.

  32. DigitalSignalX

    Simple and yummy! Now if there was only a quick and easy way to make corn tortilla’s! With an addiction to wraps and burritos of all varieties, they last about as a long as the ice cream.

  33. michelle

    Is it safe to assume you can do the same thing using flour tortillas? I am not a huge corn tortilla fan so I’m hoping I can try with flour tortillas.

    Thanks ;-)

    • SHO

      The first time I made these, I used flour tortillas. They weren’t bad at all, but they didn’t fully crisp up like a chip (the ones that did ended up burnt). Personally I think corn tortillas work better for chips, but flour tortillas won’t ruin your snack.

      • Helen Price

        Sho we had 3 flour tortillas left and like u when I fried them the first batch was pretty but not crunchy, the second batch I cooked a little longer but they tasted burnt, so the third little batch I cooked like the first, then I put them in the oven sprinkled them with a little cheese and they tasted fine, even the slightly burnt ones. Thanks Elise!

  34. Judith

    Hi Elise, For the best of both worlds, could you spritz the tortilla chips with a little oil before baking them? That way you would have a little fat to carry the flavors.

    • Marita

      Exactly what I was thinking! That’s how I make pita chips – spray or lightly brush with oil and sprinkle with salt before baking. Now I have to try it with corn tortillas. Sounds delicious!

    • Elise Bauer

      I was just thinking about that today actually. Great idea. I haven’t tried it with corn tortilla chips, but if you do, please let us know how it turns out!

      • Susan

        I do it that way all the time, except I use a silicon barbecue brush. Brush lightly with oil on one side of tortilla, salt lightly, stack another tortilla on top, brush with oil, salt, repeat. When you have enough, cut the stack into wedges. Bake as you direct, except no need to turn them. Just take them out when they start getting brown around the edges.

  35. Binks

    Sorry to burst your bubble, but this isn’t homemade food is it. Buying pre-made tortillas and cooking them differently does not make them homemade. Try making the tortillas in the first place and stop being lazy. I bought bread the other day and toasted it, OMG I’m such a skillful cook, homemade toast!!! Yum!!!

    • Elise Bauer

      Hello “Binks”. Tortilla chips are what you might make with leftover, stale tortillas. Sort of like making bread crumbs from stale bread. For the same reason that I wouldn’t bake homemade bread just to let it go stale and make bread crumbs, I personally wouldn’t make tortillas from scratch just to turn them into chips. I often make homemade tortillas (see our instructions, How to Make Corn Tortillas). They’re so good, they all get eaten up fresh.

      As for toast, I have a great recipe for cinnamon toast, which doesn’t require you to make your own bread, but if that’s how you roll, go for it!

      • T.N

        Excellent reply to a very nasty and uncalled for message!

    • Patrick

      Do you buy your own masa harina or is that too “lazy” and you have to grow/process the corn yourself?

    • DEZ

      It makes the “chips” homemade as in “chips made at home”…. as opposed to buying “chips” pre-made as in “made at a factory”.

      I see no claims on this recipe about “homemade tortillas” which is an entirely different recipe all together.

      How negative sarcasm(the lowest form of wit BTW) makes it way onto a food recipe site just blows my mind…

      Anyway, I just “made my homemade chips” and they were awesome!!

    • Saitaina

      Except this IS ‘homemade’. As in, made in home. She did not go our and buy tortilla chips.

      “Homemade’ and “Made from Scratch” are not synonyms and they really need to be separated in the cooking world. It’s not about being ‘lazy’, not everyone can, physically, make tortillas, they’re a bit labor intensive. This is a handy recipe for those people, as well as those of us who have left over tortillas.

      It’s also a nice entry point for someone just learning to cook, this has the basics of frying, baking and microwaving. With success in this, someone might grow more adventurous and start new thing, such as frying up a chicken to shred and go on their nachos, learning how to properly make a dip or sauce (something many cooks still fail at), etc.

      There is no need to be rude for a short, quick recipe that fills many niches in the world.

  36. Eric

    I absolutely love homemade tortilla chips, especially when they are hot out of the oil sprinkled with a little salt. Nom nom nom!

  37. Shannon

    Have to ask which taste better fried or baked?

    • Elise Bauer

      Uh, let me think about that one for a minute…. FRIED. You’re better off eating the baked ones dipped into guacamole. But that’s just my personal opinion.

      • Tina

        Ha! Guacamole is always the answer for me. I also love breaking up microwaved-baked chips with scrambled eggs, enchilada or hot sauce, and maybe even sauteed greens for a super-fast meal. Fried or baked, homemade chips always taste better than bagged. Thanks, Elise.

    • Julie

      Definitely Fried!!

  38. Derf

    Hello, homemade chips are great! I like to use sour mix to season–pour into a spritzer bottle and spray while the chips are still warm, this adds a nice, lite tang to your chips!

  39. Jessica

    Oh man, I love making tortilla chips at home! I really enjoy them sprinkled with a bit of smoked paprika ♥

    • Lyn

      delicous with garlic on them too. one time I made an apple salsa to dip them in soooo yummy

    • Arne Barnard

      I fry my tortilla chips in coconut oil-it adds an extra dimension of flavor and it has a high smoke point!

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