No ImageHow to Make Overnight Oatmeal

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  1. Rebekah

    Sounds delish, cant wait to try this for the upcoming week! Would I need to add extra water if I added chia seeds with it before soaking over night? If so how much would you recomend? Would that also be the case if I added the dried fruit to soak overnight as well?

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  2. Doug

    I’m not a fan of sweet oatmeal so I do mine a little differently.
    1. browned onion
    2. beef bouillon in water
    3. sliced mushrooms
    3. Salt, Pepper, Thyme
    4. wide neck Thermos

    Like having beef barley soup for breakfast.

  3. Werry Adnan

    I will try this recipe for my breakfast

    sometimes I feel boring make oatmeal everyday but this recipe look delicious and new for me. so i will try this

  4. Chamila

    I want to try these cold. Is it still delicious? I have frozen berries as fresh ones aren’t available on the market. How do I proceed? And can we stir yoghurts to it or just milk if we wish to loosen it or to add taste?

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  5. Helena

    I always leave the oats with whey protein and water overnight in the refrigerator in the morning as without putting in the microwave is a delight, excellent for gaining mass, but also liked his tip I will test, I think it will look very good too. Oats are excellent for health.

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