No ImageHow to Make Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs

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  1. Pam Callahan

    Start with boiling water! Starting the eggs in cold water and bringing to a boil makes eggs hard to peel. Instead bring the water to a boil and than gently lower the eggs into it, I use a slotted spoon.

    I boil for 13 1/2 minutes and remove to an ice bath. The eggs will be very easy to peel. Just try it once and you will never again start them in cold water. Steaming also works but I prefer this method.

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  2. Rhonda

    I had stopped making hard boiled eggs because I’d get so frustrated trying to peel them. Try this tip for the easiest peeling ever!

    After cooking, then running the eggs in cold water, put 4 or 5 into a hard-sided, lidded container (a glass bowl or even the pan you cooked them in will work perfectly), just make sure the eggs have a little room to roll around. Put the lid on, then shake the container back and forth (not up and down!) for 10 -15 seconds. The eggs should practically fall out of their shells! If not, shake the container for 5 – 10 seconds more. This never fails to work for me!

  3. Corinne


  4. Sandra R

    Perfectly cooked. I forgot them and they sat in the hot water for 20 minutes. Not a problem and no green ring!


  5. Alexis

    Yes the egg was cooked perfectly but because the egg was placed into the water before it was boiling it caused the Shell to stick to the egg making it more difficult to peel, if they were added once it was already boiling there wouldn’t be this issue.


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