No ImageHow to Make Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs

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  1. Dominique

    This worked really well for me! Very easy to peel, no raw yolk, just overall very good! The only thing is that I think I may have overcooked them. I let them boil for a long time because I wasn’t convinced that the water was at a “full, rolling boil”. This resulted in a green color around the yolks and the yolks sliding out of the egg whites very easily.


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  2. Mike

    What did I do wrong? Just as it came to the boil the egg exploded!

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  3. Nick

    My first time making eggs this way was a huge success. My wife is a wonderful cook and said that I am a natural. So, thanks to you, I earned brownie points!

  4. Eric Herbert

    I went to hard boil some eggs but found the switch on my electric egg cooker was broken so I ordered a new one from Amazon at the same time I looked up your technique. It turned out to be so easy and the eggs came out so perfectly that I quick cancelled the Amazon order. Thanks for saving me some money!


  5. Seth

    Perfect hard boiled eggs. Very creamy and rich yolks not overcooked at all.


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