No ImageHow to Make Preserved Lemons

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  1. Robert

    super easy, and they taste fantastic in a yogurt sauce served with a salad of feta, kale and BBQ chickpeas.


  2. Ken

    Bought a Meyer’s lemon tree, and at 3′ tall I have over 20 lemons. I’ve been looking for ideas, so this sounds great!

  3. Dave In London

    I have been preserving lemons for many years using the above recipe with success!
    I use them in tagines, adding X factor to many yummy middle eastern dishes!
    Go for it if you want the real taste of yummy!

  4. Dave Puffett In London

    I have preserved lemons, chillies and limes for many years now and have kept to the above mentioned method.
    Great in tagines and lemon rice and citrus cous cous yummy!
    So tasty, healthy and X factor

  5. rl

    I gave some to a friend, and she put them in a zip lock bag in the freezer. They don’t take up much room, and likely an infinite shelf life. I am considering making a change in the next batch.

    Juice all lemons
    quarter the skins
    remove all seeds
    put all of the juice and pulp over the peels
    Proceed as per normal recipe.

    Advantage, I usually add these to stews or condiments, peel, pulp, juice and all. It is all the salt I need, but the seeds are a detriment to the taste, and are hard to separate out. I am also planning on using a little citric acid with water to make extra liquid so all the peels or quarters are covered. A gallon jar will need about a pint of this acidified water, and will not dilute the ph of the lemon juice.

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