No ImageHow to Make Pressure Cooker Egg Bites

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  1. Angela

    My instant pot doesn’t have an adjustment for high or low pressure. Would I use the steam button instead?

    • Coco Morante

      Hi Angela!

      Since your Instant Pot doesn’t have a low pressure setting, I’d use the “Pressure Cook” or “Manual” setting, for 8 minutes. I’d recommend only doing one layer of egg bites at a time this way.

  2. Digusia

    Hallo,thank you for your recipe. It is easy,simple and delicious.

  3. Anne Haddad

    No need for a pressure cooker! These came out perfectly when I followed your suggestion to use a regular steamer rack and steam them with lid on. Your suggestion was in answer to another reader’s question. I’m glad I read it, as I might have tried it in my plain non-electric pressure cooker. Another reader or two describe how that did not work out. Theses egg bites are terrific! Thank you, Coco and readers.


  4. Josee Marchessault

    Hello! First of all THANK YOU for this recipe. I have 11 chickens and they are in their laying Prime so I have lots of eggs to spare. I am making these now with bits of smoked kielbasa and gruyere, cheddar and bacon, and roasted pepper spinach and gruyere. I blend 6 eggs with ricotta, add the liquid in the mold cavities and add 1 tbsp of meat and cheese to each cup to insure even distribution then stir each cup lightly with toothpick to blend mix-ins.
    I am giving egg bites containers to my two grown sons who live close by. Finally a delicious solution to my egg overload!!


  5. Twinkle

    Hi Coco,

    Thanks for another Instant Pot recipe! How could one adjust this recipe if forgoing the added shredded cheese? Should I add more eggs and/or vegetables for the loss of volume?

  6. Ferdous

    I have a regular pressure cooker,old fashioned with whistle, will that work? Sure like to make these little beauties. Thanks.

    • Coco Morante

      Hi Ferdous, As I understand it, the old fashioned whistling pressure cookers get up to a much higher pressure and temperature than an Instant Pot would on its low pressure setting, used for this recipe. I think that this would cause the egg bites to break apart and puff up out of the mold, unfortunately! If you would like to try making these in a regular steamer pot on the stovetop, As Emma explained to Marilyn below, I think that would be the best way to go.

  7. Marilyn Austin

    And for those of us who do not have an Instapot, how would we do this, because it looks delicious and healthy. I’m in my 70’s and my husband is in his early 80’s and we are both trying to eat as healthily as possible. Thank you in advance.

    • Emma Christensen

      Hi, Marilyn! Unfortunately, this particular recipe is dependent on using a pressure cooker. You might be able to make something similar by placing the mold in a pan of simmering water and poaching them. If you give it a try, let us know how it works out!

  8. Shaz

    Hi Coco, I must be doing something wrong because my egg bites (although they taste fine) don’t come out looking anything like this neat – mine seem to “explode” in the cups and overflow the mold. I’ve put parchment paper on top once and foil once and that didn’t seem to make any difference. Any ideas on what I’m doing wrong? Thanks

    • Coco Morante

      Hi Shaz, I’m sorry this recipe didn’t work well for you! Did you possibly use the high pressure setting instead of cooking at low pressure as directed? Were the cups filled all the way to the brim, or with a little bit of space to allow for expansion? Best, Coco

      • Shaz

        Ah, I did miss the part about low pressure! They weren’t filled all the way, because I did anticipate some expansion. Thanks, I’ll try the next batch on low pressure.