No ImageHow to Poach Chicken, the Quick and Easy Way

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  1. Pat

    This worked out perfectly for what I was doing, and the additional lemons, garlic, and pepper corns turn the left over water into a delicious broth.

    Definitely will use again.


  2. Prista

    Did not know it was so simply easy and quick too! After this method, shredded chicken in my recipes will surely be enjoyed much much more. Thank you Emma!


  3. Natalie

    My go to poaching recipe, thank you!


  4. Kat

    Awesome! Can’t believe I’ve never done this before. Super easy and good results!


  5. Shelly

    This looks like a simple method for cooking chicken breasts quickly. I always forget about poaching chicken when I need to prepare a fast week night meal. Thanks for the reminder!

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