No ImageHow to Poach Chicken, the Quick and Easy Way

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  1. Kieren

    So easy! Though I find putting the lemon in with the peel makes the broth a bit bitter so maybe I’ll exclude the peel next time


  2. Natalie

    Would the cooking time be the same for thawed, boneless, skinless chicken thighs?

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  3. Kristopher

    Awesome Post ! Thank you for sharing

  4. Joyce

    I’d never thought of adding lemon slices when poaching chicken. The light and lemony broth was delightful! Thank you!

  5. Dan Moore

    Goodness – NEVER let the water boil and NEVER let it simmer! Take the advice of the sous vide crowd:
    The water should be hot but never boil (we’re not making stock here; you don’t want the flavors leaching into the liquid!) – I have found that maintaining 170 degree poaching liquid on my sim burner turned to low and checked with a clip-on thermometer works best. Breasts are done when they reach 150. They are fully cooked, much juicier than the boiled type and far more flavorful. Of course, as the Sous Vide crowd also say, using bone-on with skin chicken pieces taste even better!

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