No ImageHow to Make Salmon Gravlax

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  1. b stover

    Excellent recipe Absolutely delicious just follow the recipe exactly
    Absolutely delicious, just follow the directions exactly


  2. perang

    what type of cooking method

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  3. Pam

    My quick tip to keep your refrigerator from smelling like salmon is to wrap the filets tightly in plastic wrap or if you’re like me and have a vacuum sealer, seal it and then weigh it down in your refrigerator. Voila, no smell and no leakage. You will still need to flip it over at least twice.

  4. Hana

    This sounds really good
    Can the sugar be cutdown a little or not?
    Can I use supermarket salmon as nearest fresh is 300km trip. (Wild salmon) The supermarket sometimes has salmon that looks really good and I use it for sushi but it has already been frozen and defrosted for our convenience ( don’t know why since it is farmed salmon from Queensland(Aust) but at least they have to label the origin of the seafood and its fresh/frozen status ).
    It does not come frozen or fresh in such large pieces. Can smaller pieces be used?

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  5. Amanda the dill h8r

    I would love to make this but I HATE dill. What other herbs would you suggest as a substitute? Could I use parsley, thyme, and rosemary?

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