No ImageHow to Make Shellfish Stock

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  1. Anne Lord

    May I use mussel shells to make my stock.We consume large number of them and never thought about ising the shells?

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  2. Linda

    This recipe is absolutely phenomenal! I had more shells than what you called for so my stock came out really really deep in flavor. It tastes like bisque already but in the consistency of broth. My first batch I did with all crab shells. I will use the same recipe for my lobster shells and for shrimp at a later time. This recipe deserves 10 stars! Thank you for sharing.


  3. Lorine

    Excellent stock!


  4. Chris

    Making lobster stock now. I have an American Pressure canner. I was going to do quarts. I added tomatoe paste & lemon juice to the stock as it cooks. I know I pressure can French onion soup for 90 minutes. How long should I pressure cook this? Should I add more lemon juice when I go to can? Thank you for any help. Cheers!


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  5. Ed Green

    Thank you stock, few questions I steam crabs with crab seasoning, I see not mentioned to wash off season which I do for stock.
    Shells I wash off season and inside but leave the fat mustard that’s in shell for flavor.
    Why is tomatoe paste added with veggies, when that can be added when making soup.
    Thanks Ed

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