No ImageHow to Make Homemade Prepared Horseradish

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  1. Kristy

    It lasts a lot longer then that, just looses a bit of heat. I only do the home grown horseradish and vinegar in small food processor. The big one doesn’t like to do a small amount.

  2. Rob p

    Dug up today 6 Oct in little old England great recipe great flavor daughter great fan of horseradish really impressed many thanks.


  3. Gretchen Colonius

    Love horseradish. And fresh from the garden is the best. A mention of the spreading nature of the beast might be helpful. Love to see this year’s picture of your horseradish crop…my guess is that it is eclipsing your woodpile! Mine is happily taking over my herb bed….oops.


  4. Scott Garey

    1. If possible wait to harvest until you have a hard freeze.
    2. Do not soak the root for more than a hour when cleaning the root.
    3. When peeling and cleaning the root make sure to get rid of all pieces which are discolored. Leave only white pieces, otherwise you will get a “woody” taste.
    4. Advise to use hand and eye protection for the whole process, the act of peeling 4 lbs of just 4 lbs left my hands in pain.
    5. Adding water while grinding will diminish the “heat.” If the root is especially dry that is a sign that it has been harvested for an extended time and the oils will have been evaporating and much less “heat.”
    6. After grinding the root wait for 10 to 20 minutes before adding vinegar, this will make for a stronger flavor. Using sugar will give a milder taste, but it is not a required component for the recipe.
    7. Refrigeration instead of canning is best. Air and horseradish will cause rust, use glass, crramic, or “dedicated” plastic containers.

  5. Robert Hill

    Excellent recipe and very understandable.

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