No ImageHow to Roast a Goose

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  1. red black

    Great job it encourages me to do it. I am starting rearing geese. I am 79.

  2. Kevin

    Man what a well written recipe. It’s as if you touch upon all the things that people think while cooking but no one writes about. Well done Hank, I’m now a subscriber.

  3. William

    Thank you. I was going to roast it on a rack until the leg joint breaks, but your way is better.


  4. Mark

    I made this for Christmas dinner and it worked out well. I wouldn’t do it again unless I found a much less expensive goose (ordered it through a local organic store and it cost about $100) but this recipe is the way to go — cutting out the breast halfway through is the main insight. The gravy worked out too, though I didn’t have Madeira so I substituted some cherry wine (that we got in the Dominican Republic). The only issue with the gravy was that I had to keep adding more stock and wine, more than I expected, and didn’t end up with so much that I had to do it in batches in the blender; there was enough for our crowd of 8 people, but no more. Next time I’d double the mount of stock to begin with. Other than that it was great, and I have a whole mug full of goose fat (from rendering and from the roasting pan) that I strained through cheesecloth. A+


  5. KenW

    My local grocery store just ran out of goose!!!Can I use this recipe on duck instead?!?!?!

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