No ImageHow to Roast Green Chiles at Home

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  1. canadeeana

    you are really gonna laugh; in fact, that’s not even my name, i’m so embarrassed: who knew you took the black burned part off the chiles? not me!! i always make chile verde — absolutely a family and personal favorite and i NEVER TAKE THE BROWN, BURNED PARTS OFF … i throw de-seed the chiles and thrwo them in the blender … no one has ever said anything …

    it tastes good to us and i guess it’s ok … don’t laugh too hard …… canadeeana lol

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  2. Brokenit

    Why do you par roast and skin the peppers when one can put them into any recipe one likes by merely by slicing or chopping and then cooking it in ?

    I do not understand the motivation for removing the skin as it is perfectly edible as it is. How does roasting it differ from cooking it in from raw ?

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  3. Matty

    Hi Elise
    I’ve been stuffing peppers with oxtail meat – Pimientos Verdes Rellenos con Carne de Rabo. Roast and skin the peppers and then stuff with the meat and bake. Excellent. The recipe is from Menu del Dia by Rohan Daft

  4. Gerardo

    In addition to the good ways you describe for working with chiles, I would suggest that anytime you want to handle peppers, regardless of what type they are, rub some cooking oil on your hands BEFORE handling them. That will protect your skin from the chile juices, avoiding the burning sensation. After finishing cooking, you can just wash your hands in the regular way, then use some hand lotion and the chile smell will go away.

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  5. Michele

    Please be careful doing this – some people with respiratory problems like asthma should not try it as the fumes will trigger an attack. I have extremely mild asthma and did not expect anything like the shortness of breath and coughing I experienced. I could not get my breath and had to use my inhaler two times, plus coughed most of the day. Too bad because the pepper was delicious!! (what we suffer for good food!)

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