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  1. Love your website

    To get the smell of onions off your fingers and hands, rub a stainless steel soup spoon or serving spoon over your skin under running cold water.

    Works in an instant.

  2. Shirley Lindsey

    There is an old saying “Whistle while you cut up onions and they won’t burn your eyes”. The secret there is that if you whistle, you are blowing the onion fumes away.

  3. Mark

    I use that method because it’s safer and is just as fast as the way professional chefs cut. The wide knife protects your fingers when you use the claw method. That’s where you shape your hand into a claw and your knuckles act as a guide for the knife. The knife never completely leaves the cutting board.
    It always makes me nervous when I see professional chefs cut an onion. The cut off only one end. The other end acts to hold the onion together. Then they draw the knife in towards their hand keeping the knife horizontal, parallel to the cutting board. I am always expecting they will slip and slice their fingers open. I learned at a young age to never draw a knife towards you. Always away from you!

  4. Byron Bales

    Wanna stop crying when you slice onions? Simple. Squeeze an orange skin over the bridge of your nose, close to your eyes. No orange? Just use a dip from orange juice and press it close to your eyes, near the bridge. No idea why it works, but it does.

  5. Tina

    The best way I was taught by a European friend of mine to get rid of onion smell on hands, was to wipe your hand with anything that is stainless steel. Some kitchen supply stores sell a stainless stone, but you can use your cutlery (spoon is safe). Seems to work well for me. Am about to try your recipe for French onion soup today. Read all the comments and am looking forward to it. I do not like onions in general, but soup is great. Plus being sick seems to make me crave it, as it seems other commenters have seemed to feel the same way, and said it made them feel better. Here’s to health the way God intended – from nature / natural.

  6. Joy Morris

    I like to wear safety glasses over my regular glasses and turn on my ceiling fan while slicing onions. Not as good as swimming goggles but much safer for me as I need to have my glasses on to see what I’m cutting. :)
    Recently I happened across an old Julia Child tip for washing the onion smell off of hands and I think she was really on to something. After dealing with onions first wash your hands with COLD water and soap then repeat with hot water. Washing with hot water only seems to sort of cook the onion residue onto your skin. Well, my skin anyway.

    • John Chester

      Simple biology: HOT water will OPEN the pores of your skin, allowing the onion juices to get INTO your skin. A COLD wash gets most of it off and the second, HOT wash gets the rest!

  7. Eliza

    My family swims, and we found out that your eyes don’t water if you wear sealed goggles while cutting onions… it’s been very helpful!

    • Elise

      Swimming goggles would work great to protect the eyes!

  8. doug kaiser

    What ya know…I finally find out HOW TO SLICE AN ONION ….. my daughter and I went to lunch and she ordered her Hamburger with grilled onion and so I took what was left over home with me. I ate my half of burger and then hers which she did not eat….she is pregnant……WOW grilled onion,,, what a flavor on a burger and I ate them cold out of the fridge. So I started to investigate grilling onion and how they are cut and ended up on your site…..THANK YOU SO MUCH for this eye opener. I am on Social Sec. and I eat onion sandwiches often…sometimes with cheese and some time all by them selves. Am going to practice slicing…so thanks for the tips.

    • Elise

      You’re very welcome Doug!

    • doug kaiser

      I noticed the knife you use is large…is that your standard knife you use as a chef or just for that cutting of the onion. It seems no matter how I cut an onion, I always mess it up. I have been buying chopped onion in a container and using it when I cook which is not often. I appreciate your quick answer and surprised….with a smile THANKS Elise.

      • Joy Morris

        That’s a standard size chef’s knife she’s using. I use the same sort of knife for most kitchen tasks. Victorinox (those clever people who make Swiss Army knives) has an excellent quality but very affordable chef’s knife. http://www.amazon.com/Victorinox-Fibrox-8-Inch-47520-5-2063-20/dp/B000638D32 The first time I used this brand of knife it felt like the onions were cutting themselves!
        Knife skills are acquired by diligent practice and good tools. To quote my own grandmother “The only thing you’re sure to cut with a dull knife is yourself.”
        I am not affiliated with Victorinox in any way. This is my own opinion.

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