No ImageHow to Spatchcock (Butterfly) a Chicken

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  1. Ann

    Could you use bone-in breasts?

  2. Ania

    Super easy to make and the chicken is great!


  3. Carla Shuster

    In the instructions it mentions to set the backbone aside – what does one do with it, other than throw it away???

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  4. Lucie

    Thank you for this great tutorial !
    I first read about this method in the book “Salt Fat Acid Heat” (can’t recommend it enough” and I was really intrigued by it. Glad I stumbled upon this post, I will be trying it very soon, for my Friendsgiving !!

  5. Wayne Rivali

    Shouldn’t the sternum bone also be removed prior to roasting? I use this technique for duck. Also, I never use olive oil in preparations that require more than 350dF. I would use avocado oil, if anything. I personally don’t baste with oil. I would rather roast the bird with 1/2 inch water,or so, in an oval enamel roasting pan on a wire rack above the water. I roast my chicken whole and covered with a lid after brining overnight. Then, roughly 20 minutes at 500dF, 20 at 450, and 20 at 400. Remove an keep lid on until cool enough to de-bone or carve. De-boned chicken bones go into a round enamel stock pot with water to cover the bone plus a cup or two more, with 2 TBS ACV to soak for 2 hours before heating on very low heat (180dF) for about two days. And I never cook black pepper, but I always welcome critique.

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