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  1. Olli C. Wolf

    Accidentally saved my last comment to the page before finishing up my last bit of my 1st post x.x Anyway, after about 12+ hours and checking the 10 minute eggs vs. the 8 minute eggs, the shell on my 2nd egg came off in about 15 seconds. It was amazing! I then cut down the center and the whole thing had hardboiled all the way through with the extra 2 minutes. I’m near the equator, and like I said previously… using smart burners that have a cast iron top and a numbered dial for the burner which goes up to HI (10). I set on 9 and use hot water from the tap to start with now on these odd little burners…


  2. Olli C. Wolf

    You saved me from the smart burners! They are terrible at bringing larger amounts of water to a boil! Housing just placed them in late last year because ‘supposedly’ people had emergency fire instances from leaving things on their stove too long, although in all the years I’ve been here, there’s been no mention of such a problem. Anyway, I took a single egg out to test at 8 minutes and it was soft boiled perfectly. I’ve never achieved that before, but always ended up with hard boiled, which was still fine. Also, the shell did seem MUCH easier to peal off (atleast right after I quickly cooled the eggs off after just cooking them). That was different than usual with water, salt, and running water even with just cooked boiled eggs. I have yet to test one that’s been in the fridge about 12 hours, but I hope it’s the same. All in all though, thank you so much for the post! I didn’t even know what those weird steaming baskets were before I got one from someone’s after yard sale stuff a few weeks ago, or even considered steaming either since I thought I’d need an actual specific steamer to do anything. If it hadn’t of been for that random find along with an annoyance with smart burners, I would have never randomly looked to see what I could steam besides broccolli. Also, one last side note… While I was dealing with the one single egg (opening and slicing), I set my timer for just 2 minutes longer. I’ll do a quick check now and finally end my long post here…


  3. Indiana.

    Pretty long page for steaming eggs. 17 mins was all I was looking for. :) Thanks for your help.

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  4. Belle

    I live in the mile high city of Centennial, on the outskirts of Denver.
    My eggs are fresh, and have been at room Temperature for 35 minutes.

    Initially my plan was to cook 9 eggs in my Instapot Mega.Not wanting to be cooking in any way, shape or form, 45 mins from now, I decided to go into a time warp and do something I’d never heard of before: Steaming my eggs.

    I put an inch of water into my 10.5 inch All-Clad skillet &
    pulled out my 45 year new bamboo steamer.
    –Being a biologist & chemist at heart, I always have to tweak what is known in some way! Wish sometimes this wasn’t so, but tonight I’m grinning ear to ear over what many of you have already discovered.
    — Upon feeling the steam at my side, I substituted my Instapot yellow 9 egg boiler (which doubles as many different items), placed it on top of my my Instapot wire rack paraphernalia .

    Next the eggs were loaded in (some upside down, so as to test this system).
    Turning on my computer, and locating this site, I followed your rec’s.
    –Slipped an egg out of the circle at 6 mins, into ice water, for a half-minute,
    then onto my plate.

    –Cracking the egg slightly, the ease with which my egg slipped out her shell has never before been seen by me! The egg was hard-boiled, yet the yolk washout solid.
    –When I finished my egg inspection, my watch read 8.0 minutes since I started these “eggscapades” (gotta enjoy life!). I added more ice and water to the cooling pyrex dish .
    –At 9 mins exactly, the stove was turned off, pot slipped onto a cool section of my stovetop, delivered one egg at a time via silicone coated tongs to the ice water bath. Voila! The shells slipped off the 8 eggs, the eggs were perfect.

    The eggs are delicious, hard boiled, with a nearly very firm bright yellow yolk. Thus, 1 out of 9 really was perfect as described at 6 mins steaming, and at 9 mins, 9 eggs were fully steamed through.

    Thank you for the EGGSCELLENT instructions, Elise! Belle


  5. H0ckeym0m

    Turned out Perfect! Thanks!


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