No ImageHow to Steam Hard Boiled Eggs

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  1. Susan

    FYI, at 6500 ft – 17 minutes is perfect.

  2. Sandi

    I use this method all the time. I’ll probably never boil the eggs again. I’ve never had an egg stick to the shell!


  3. John

    2nd time I’ve made them this way. It’s a hard cooked egg game changer. Steamed them for 13 minutes. If you’re going to peel them right away, I suggest dumping the water when they’re cool and while they’re in the pot, roll them around together, cracking the shells, then running some cold water over them. I don’t know how much it helped, but they peel like a dream.


  4. Star

    Perfection! Made exactly as directed … Thank you!


  5. Yolanda

    Wonderful! Using this method, I made the lightest fluffiest egg salad I’ve ever had. I’ve experimented with dozens of ideas and this is the best one so far. Thank you to whoever figured this out


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