No ImageHow To Steam-Fry Vegetables

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  1. ckc

    I have cooked like this for year’s after watching Pasquale Carpino on tv. His motto was ” Steam and sauté. And he did just about everything that way.

  2. Glory Dey (India)

    We have been using this steam fry technique in our family since ages. This is correct & healthy way of cooking. In India, we use variety of spices like turmeric, coriander, chilly, cumin etc in paste or powder form to season veggies. I use my own variations of different spices & vegetables to make variety dishes. You can use this method to prepare regular curries or broths just add more water as required! We use this to cook non-veg dishes too!

  3. Annie

    I tried this recipe last night for my family. Four kids 11 and under. They literally FOUGHT over the vegetables. My seven year old called them “Total Sugar”. They begged me to make them like this always. I used the frozen pre-cut veggies from Costco, added a little butter and salt along with the water during the steaming process. Definitely will add a little onion and garlic next time before stir-frying. Thank you for helping me mix it up a bit!

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  4. Thomas McClara

    I have been making vegetables this way for a long time. Thanks for your tips. Anotlher thing I like to do is add fresh chopped very ripe tomatoes after the stir frying and finish cooking in the tomato juice. Sometimes I add some pasta.

  5. Han

    This is essentially how Chinese traditionally cooks vegetables. One main difference is that we would brown some chopped shallot and garlic on low flame before adding the vegetables.

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