No ImageHow to Turn Your Kettle Grill into a Smoker

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  1. Edge

    I use a snake method on my Weber to maintain the heat at 200 degrees. Plus I soak my chips prior to cooking. A rack of ribs will take 5-6 hours and are absolutely perfect. Questioning 90 min to cook ribs?

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  2. Sandy

    How is this different from bbqing directly over coals as far as flavor?

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  3. FlipBBQman

    Soaked wood definitely lowers the temp inside the grill. I’ve had good success soaking hickory chunks or pieces only 15-20 minutes. Wood does soak up some water. Here in the Ozarks the old timers used to build Jon boats out of wood planks. They’d put the boats in the water, the wood would swell and the boat didn’t leak.

  4. Drummer1965

    Thanks for all the useful tips. But I must say as with other well meaning posts I’ve seen. I take exception to the idea of soaking the wood chip in water before using them. It really makes no difference whether you soak wood chips or not. The only thing wet wood chips do is temporarily cool the coals via the surface water they carry. Wood does not absorb water. That why they build boats out of it. You can better control the rate of burn by adjusting the heat of the coals with the air vents of the grill.

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  5. Graeme

    Hi All. Thanks for the original article and follow up tips and hints. I did my first smoke on the weekend and it wasn’t bad! Can’t wait to try again.

    A quick Q. My Weber doesn’t have a temperature gauge so I’ve bought one to put in the lid. Any recommendations where I should put it? Similar to the photo in the article?

    Also I used hickory, and found that it just burnt in 20mins. Presuming I hadn’t soaked for long enough (30mins) and had the coals too high?



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