No ImageHummingbird Cake

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  1. Millicent

    Was looking for an uncommon kind of cake to present at a summer BBQ this past Saturday and this was a hit! Didn’t have any pineapple, unfortunately, so I had to ad lib and use 8 oz of mandarin oranges in light syrup instead. Turned out surprisingly great!

    The nutmeg and cinnamon make this cake reminiscent of carrot cake despite no carrots. Super moist, tender and easily stackable. Recommend refrigerating cakes before icing and chill again post-icing. Cream Cheese Frosting was a tad sweet, but can’t complain. No leftovers! Photo of the cake on IG account @sillymissmilliee … Try the recipe. You won’t be sorry. :)


  2. Jody

    I was so excited to make this for Mother’s Day but It was so bland, will never make it again.


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  3. Kimmy Coo

    I made this cake and it turned out beautifully. Could use a little more moisture, but I’m in high altitude so go figure. I will get it perfect next time by adjusting a few ingredients. Cheers!


  4. Terri

    Absolutely fabulous!!


  5. Martin

    I made this cake and WOW! Excellent instructions and an obvious fool-proof cake came out perfectly. I had a lot of icing left over. This cake a real crowd-pleaser. Tremendous flavors. Can freeze extra icing if desired for use later with cup cakes. Thank you so very much for this receipe!!!


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