No ImageEasy Homemade Hummus

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  1. Dan

    I added a little hot sauce for a spicy kick.
    Thanks for such a clear and easy recipe.

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  2. Jeff

    I like mine with Middle Eastern sides: pickled turnips, cracked spicy olives and hot peppers. I usually use peproncini peppers as a substitute for the harder to find smooth skinned Middle Eastern variety. The pickled turnips are Lebanese, I think. They are just sliced turnips in brine with a cut up beet that turns them pink. After a week or so they are ready to eat. I have made them but prfer to buy them from a Middle Eastern deli.


  3. Vija

    Great recipe!


  4. Timo

    Stupid thing about canned Hummus is its calorie count. 100 g of boiled chickpeas 165 cal , tahini 595 cal, olive oil 884 cal. And how possible canned hummus of different brands gives average calorie count of 160-170 cals! I tried recipe and calculate all of ingredients. Result is 300 calories per 100g. It depends mostly how much you prefer olive oil.

  5. Glenn Diamant

    Makes a nice lunch.

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