No ImageIced Chai Latte

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  1. Johanna

    This is AMAZING! I am quite picky with my chai but this recipe is easy, simple and delicious! No more $6 mornings!


  2. acp.henderson

    Amazing 10/10


  3. Summer

    I love drinking the Starbucks version of this, but didn’t want to keep buying it or leave the house if I want it- this was the perfect solution! I tried it the first time using store chai tea, but it seemed like the cold brewing kept it a little weak on the chai taste, but still was great! The second time I made this I made my own chai tea mix and used 6 bags instead of 4 which was just there right amount of flavor! A winner in my book. Especially since honey is my favorite sweetener! :D Thanks for sharing this wonderful recipe!

  4. Lauren N

    Loved this recipe! I added whipped cream and a bit of ground cinnamon as a garnish and it was a crowd favorite:)


  5. Renee

    I love the idea of cold-brewing the tea, but I found that even after 12 hours, it was still a bit weak. Adding in the milk made it even weaker. As you suggested, I think I’ll try this again but maybe use 6 or 8 tea bags to make it have more chai flavor.
    That being said, the honey/water mixture is KEY!!! This is exactly what I’ve been looking for. I’ve made chai concentrates where I try to sweeten with honey by dissolving the honey in the tea while it’s hot, but then it turned goopy a day later and all the spices were stuck to it and it was kind of gross. Your method has worked perfectly and is exactly what I’ve been needing! I also like being able to adjust the amount of sweetness in each serving. 5/5 for that alone :)
    I’ll definitely try upping the amount of chai (and probably making chai ice cubes too). Thank you for this recipe!!


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