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  1. Sam

    Thank you Sara for this wonderful recipe! I made yogurt for the first time ever with my brand new instant pot and it turned out perfect. I used 2% milk, some plain yogurt from the grocery store as a starter, and had perfect results in eight hours. I followed the directions closely. Thank you for sharing your wisdom :-)


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  2. Amber

    I want to try this yogurt in the instant Pot. My question is when incubating in the jars, can i put the lid on the jars while inside the instant pot?

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  3. Drina

    Hi Sara,
    Would it be ok to make only one quart (one litre here in Canada) in my IP? I live alone and would have difficulty finishing a half gallon in ten days. I wonder if the smaller volume of milk would get too hot?
    Thanks for any advice you can give me!

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  4. Ellen

    This is my first attempt and it turned out great! The yogurt is delicate and a bit tangy.
    I used whole, organic milk from a local dairy. It was not ready at 4 hours, but at 8 it seemed perfect. One question: at the bottom of the pot, right on top of the heating element, the yogurt is a little granular (soft, not hard) as if the milk proteins changed due to proximity to the heat. Is that possible? I see your suggestion to check the yogurt earlier, which I will do next time. Definitely, a next time!


  5. Kimberly

    I am wondering if the type of lid I use on the instapot matters? Can I use the glass lid if either or both steps?

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