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  1. Gabrielle

    Made this today for st. Patrick’s day tomorrow. Now I can’t wait to eat it, and the fish I had for dinner didn’t impress after I sampled this stew.. I did everything as suggested but I dredged the cubes beef in a flour and cornstarch mixture to help thicken the broth and get a nice browning.. love it!


  2. Sharon

    Making it right now and just took a taste after adding the veggies. OMG the broth is so full of flavor! This will replace my already great beef stew recipe


  3. Wynne

    Haven’t made it yet but am wondering if I can cook it in my crock pot if I brown the meat first?
    Also can I double the recipe or should I just add more meat for 6 good appetites?

  4. Mandy Dowd

    Glorious! I add some fresh green beans for color (saw this in an Irish pub in Boston).
    And I always make more than is called for here. Because you never know who will drop by, and then what is left in the pot is even better the next day… Also, I let it simmer ever so slowly on the wood stove quite a bit longer than called for, for the afternoon, say, while I’m up to something else.


  5. [email protected]

    How many would this serve?

    • Emma Christensen

      Hi there! Emma here, Managing Editor for Simply Recipes. This recipe serves 4 to 6 adults. (The serving size is always listed at the top of the recipe, for future reference!)

  6. Donna

    Does this recipe freeze well?

  7. Harry

    Very good recipe, the flavor combination is awesome and I made just like you suggested. Can’t fix what not broken. Good Job and Thanks for sharing.


  8. Melissa

    My favorite go to stew recipe. It was my first ever stew recipe attempt and I’ll never try another! I absolutely love the aroma and the taste. This stew is just amazing!


  9. Kelly K

    Comfort food doesn’t get any better than this for me. LOVED IT!


  10. Sarah

    I’ve made this multiple times exactly as described and it always tastes amazing. The combination of the Guinness Extra Stout and red wine really give the broth a fantastic depth of flavor.

  11. Marzena

    Hi!! Is this recipe good also for crockpot??? :)

  12. Jason

    Made this last night. It was great. Of course I made a few changes. I don’t drink Guinness so buying a 4 pack just for a little to cook with didn’t make since. So I used a dark beer that I will drink what’s left over. Shiner Bach. I also didn’t want to waste wine. So I did not use wine. But it was still fantastic. I did use carrots. Great recipe. This will go into the recipe into the recipe book. Thank you.

  13. moberndorf

    To make this more traditionally Irish, try using barley rather than potatoes, and add some chopped celery.

  14. Pat Vessely

    If I make this with lamb instead of beef, are the amounts of meat the same?

  15. Stephanie G Baker-Thomas

    I made this last night and it was delicious, but a bit thin even when thickened with a little flour and water. Next time I will only add 1 cup of water instead of two. I had to cook it for about 2 hours to get the meat tender. Also microwaved some sweet peas at the end and threw them into the stew to add color and bulk it up. Definitely will make this one again.

    • Elise Bauer

      It will thicken up more the next day.

    • Blake

      I LOVE this recipe. I’ve made it several times and it always gets rave reviews. My brother actually requested that I send him some for Christmas this year.

      I prefer a thick stew so like you, I only add 1 cup of water – and like Elise added – I try to make this the day before I plan to serve it, it’s much better heated up the following day. Thanks Elise for the site and this great recipe!

  16. Rain

    Hi Elise! Another winner!! I made this tonight and we used carrots (no parsnips)…wow…delicious. We boiled it down quite a bit to make a thick stew and served it on mashed potatoes…yummy! Thank you so much for the recipe, this is a keeper!!

  17. Gigi Maxfield

    I prepared the stew using this exact recipe (Minus parsnips because there weren’t any at the store). It was delicious! I was reluctant to use the stout and the red wine because I don’t care for alcohol but I must say, the alcohol evaporates leaving a rich flavor that was very much enjoyed by the whole family!

    • Elise Bauer

      I’m so glad you and your family liked it Gigi! Yes the stout and the wine infuse the stew with great flavor.

    • Mary

      That is the point when you cook with alchol. The alchol cooks out and it adds great depth of flavors. The very best foods are those with layers of flavor. I learned this this from my mother and she was the best cook EVER!!

  18. Joel

    If anyone has concerns about using alcohol in this recipe, don’t. It all cooks off. If you still have concerns, for religious reasons or other wise, I found 1/4 cup of “fre” which is NA wine, 1 cup of strong strong coffee and a teaspoon of coco powder makes a stew almost as good as this recipe, i don’t like thyme too much, so I use about half of what this recipe calls for.

    • Elise Bauer

      Hi Joel, alcohol doesn’t actually entirely all cook out, though most of it does which is why it’s fine for serving to families. But if for religious or health reasons you have to completely avoid alcohol, then you just have to leave it out.

      • Joel

        I followed the recipe to the T. I love it. You may be correct about the alcohol not cooking all the way off, I don’t know. I prepared your recipe for some friends w/o any alcohol, using stock and water, and a touch of thickening. Something was missing, I had zero intention of insulting your recipe by modifying it. I was just sharing something that worked, and was delicious. I personally make it your way for my family.

        • Elise Bauer

          I’m so glad you like it! Yes, when you leave out such a flavorful ingredient, it is going to make a difference.

  19. Séagh Ní Mhathúna

    As an Irish person, I can tell you that we definitely don’t put alcohol in our stew. Irish beef stew was a meal my nanny made for me whenever I visited as a child, it’s something a whole family has on a cold day, so why would there be alcohol in it?

    • Elise Bauer

      Hi Séagh, when you cook alcohol in a stew like this, almost all traces of alcohol evaporate in the cooking, and what you’re left with is the flavor, which adds a wonderful richness to the stew.

  20. Bill Leppala

    Where are the turnips or rutabagas these were used long before potatos went to the isles?

    • Johnf

      With the stew you can put in any veg you want.sometimes we add pasta, strangely nice. Experimentation makes good dishes.

  21. Adela

    I keep making this recipe over and over again since I discovered it a year ago. Favourite with my family and guests. Yum!


  22. JoV.

    I was not a fan of stew until I found this recipe. I have been making it for several years and even serve it to company. LOVE it! Hats off to the chef!

  23. Alan

    Made this tonight to help celebrate St. Paddy’s and everyone loved it. I couldn’t find a bottle of Guinness extra stout so used Guinness Draught instead. I’m not sure what affect that might have had on the flavor but definitely didn’t hurt it. Thanks for the recipe- I’ll be using it again

  24. Jan

    Made this last night and it was so good. I also added parsnips and frozen peas.

  25. Chelsea

    Can I make this in the crockpot?

    • Elise Bauer

      Perhaps, though I haven’t done it and wouldn’t know what to tell you about how to do it.

      • Lisa Swager

        I’ve done it, low heat about 6-8 hours. The broth stays thin though so add in a medium roux (2-3T butter, 1/4 to 1/3 cup flour) on high for the last 30 minutes and it gets thicker. It takes the larger crock pot though, not a 3 quart.

  26. Ash

    This stew was amazing! I will definitely save this recipe to make over and over again.

    A few notes:
    1) I used about 2 to 2 1/4 lbs. of beef. I really think the amount of beef listed in the recipe would be too little.
    2) I replaced the water with chicken broth, which I already happened to have on hand.
    3) I used a cheap Merlot as the “hearty” red wine, and it turned out beautifully.

  27. Refa

    I had a good laugh at “adapt traditional irish recipes to our own taste”, I studied abroad in Ireland for a year, and let me tell you, I got shouted at both for beef rather than mutton, and for daring to add beer/wine/whiskey to the stew. According to my irish mates it was heresy to have the drinkables in the stew. Good times. Still think it tastes better with beer and/or wine in the stock.

    • S. O'Beirne

      My grandfather, who came to the states from Ireland, never failed to use a stout and whisky in much of his cooking (just as his mother did). I do believe it depends on the county and traditions of each family though.

  28. Bridget

    Whats an example of a hearty red wine?

    • Elise

      A California zinfandel would be a great wine to use.

  29. Susan

    Absolutely delicious…. I used half the carrots and substituted some rutabaga (swede)… And I’d add more meat next time and a lot less potatoes… And I’d probably add something green like peas… But truly a wonderful concoction of flavors… I also used ground thyme but only a teaspoon and a bit… Wonderful!

  30. Steve lacklison

    Biggest thing that surprises me with this is that it seems to suggest 8 cups of liquid which is 2 litres! Most other recipes I see for this amount of people only contains about 850ml so less than half!!

  31. Yavor

    Thank you for the wonderful recipe! It is so delicious!

  32. Gailie

    I’ve tried so many beef stew recipes over the years and they were always just ok – I knew there had to be a great one out there somewhere and I finally found it! I made it the other day, left it over night and it was amazing. Don’t know if it was the beer/wine combo that did it or adding the onions later… I also used a blade roast from the local butcher and cut it up instead of buying stewing beef from the grocery store – which doesn’t have as much flavour. Anyhow, all that combined made for a winner and a keeper. Thanks Elise and keep the recipes coming. Love them!

  33. Tony Mince

    Made this with some venison stew meat. All I can say is outstanding recipe. What a great hearty stew. The only modification I may make is a little less thyme. Others that tried it told me I would be wrong to use less.

  34. Keisha

    I’m cooking this right now and it’s delicious. I didn’t have any Guinness or beef broth so I used water and one cup of red wine. the smell is wonderful and the bees is tender and tasty. Thanks for this recipe.

  35. Michael Desborough

    Elise, Would I change any of the ingredients or amounts if I were to use lamb?

    • Steve Dunham

      Elise might be able to give you better guidance, but I suspect the only thing you’d need to change for lamb is the time. In her Rogan Josh recipe, Madhur Jaffrey specifies 1 hour for lamb and 2 hours for beef (“or until tender”). So maybe cut the first cook to 30 minutes, then add the veg and cook until everything is tender.

      BTW, I think mutton (which is from older sheep) is different/tougher, and would require a longer cooking time, but it’s pretty hard to find in the states.

  36. Carol at Wild Goose Tea

    You hit a pot of gold with this recipe. Everyone is MOST appreciative. I am joining the crowd. Great photo by the way. I can almost taste the richness of flavor of the broth.

  37. Robyn Stone | Add a Pinch

    This stew is exactly what I need tonight for supper! The temp has dropped by almost 50 degrees and it’s wet and freezing…perfect night for a hearty, delicious stew like this!
    Perfect for St. Paddy’s Day!
    Robyn xo

  38. Marilyn O

    apologies, I forgot to say after the ‘Basic stew is meat…’ paragraph – you then add the vegetables for at least another hour.

  39. Marilyn O

    This recipe is not traditional but is lovely and based on a basic stew.

    Almost always with any recipe if you are sauteing meat to caramelise it pre-liquid stage it is best done in unsalted butter rather than oil. Generally oil does what is says and leaves something ‘oily’ – hence the instruction to pour off the fat at the end. I know the beef will give off some fat but it is usually a good flavour and not enough to spoil the dish and is a constituent of stew. Cut the veg larger than seen here and don’t bother with sauteing them.

    Basic stew is meat in liquid for an hour or so (and, no, traditionally no-one would have messed with the saute element but it is better for it) The liquid is anything from water through stock to beer depending what you had. The stout and wine mix is an upgrade – all good recipes tweak the originals.

    Stew was the the Monday dinner of my childhood. Laundry was done on a Monday (sink, bath tub, boiler, wash board) and my mother needed something that could stay on most of the day unattended. She also said might as well steam up the kitchen with the stewpot on Monday ’cause it was already running with condensation from the washing.

    Marilyn O

  40. allen chapman,

    this is a traditional meal, don’t change it. However for best flavor refrig one day then serve, heaven!

  41. Jose

    I am writing from Brazil… we have been months on the beach with nice weather but ‘unfortunately’ the rain and some cold weather have arrived. I say ‘unfortunately’ because my Irish girlfriend (i´m Spanish) and me decided to cook some comfy food… we googled -Irish stew- and then everything went on and on… quick pass for the market (we used a Brazilian black beer called ‘Petra’ and a Chile wine (it´s difficult to find nice wine from my lovely Spain) and then we followed every single step (it´s our first stew outside Ireland, and the first time we cooked it ourselves)… the result was amazing, no words… we felt a little bit closer to home… next time we migtht try some local ingredients (banana or coco milk)… The best at all… we cooked for four so we will have extra tomorrow.

  42. Aggie

    Wow..This stew is so good. I’ve made it twice and it is delish!!! I didn’t make any changes the first time, the second time I had some sliced mushrooms so I tossed those in with the vegetables. Great either way!!! It has such a deep rich flavor. Thank you for my new favorite recipe!!

  43. Jen

    This was delicious! The Guinness and red wine make it IRISH stew…..well, maybe just the Guinness, but do not skimp on or omit beer, wine or garlic–it is very rich and different than regular stew. If you want it stewier, add a couple extra cups of broth and dredge beef cubes in flour and/or add a little corn starch mixed with water at the end–I did both. That’s just taste preference (soup or stew). Also, stick with chuck roast as the recipe says–don’t do lean beef! The seasonings in this recipe are spot on! Adjust amounts and salt & pepper per taste, but don’t mess with it otherwise. A wonderful recipe! A St. Patty’s Day tradition at our house from now on! Thanks! :)

  44. Jeni

    We loved the stew. We didn’t have tiyme but it still turned out good. I also didn’t add 7 cups of russle potatoes, instead I added 5 cups of golden potatoes with the skin. The liquid was reducing to much do I added more wine, beer and stock. We also made fried bread. I am happy with the results

  45. Nicole Erhard

    This stew is fantastic, very hearty, flavorful and rich. I have no complaints. My only comment is with the amount of people it serves – 4 to 6? I made this for an office party so I thought I should double the recipe. Don’t do this! My pot was barely large enough. I think it serves more like 10 to 12 people. Thank you for the delicious recipe!

  46. Erin

    This stew is fantastic! I made it last year for St Patrick’s Day as I couldn’t find my regular recipe. My boyfriend and I loved it. I saved the link and I am making it again tonight for a St Patrick’s Day dinner party on friday. I forgot how amazing it smells while cooking. The guiness really gives it a different taste from previous stews I’ve had.

  47. Lisa

    We enjoyed eating this stew this weekend. The Guinness gives it a different and interesting taste. Thanks!

  48. JILL

    Made this last night… VERY good. Although I did some alterations…I used peas instead of green beans and left out the thyme as I just do not like that spice. I love garlic, but I think next time I will use 4 cloves and not 6 as that may be a little much. I also used a little more than a cup of Guinness :) But, definitely would recommend this recipe.

  49. Patrick

    Made this yesterday and it turned out very good. The only changes I made were adding celery and using a lot less potatoes. The only change I will make next time will be to drastically cut down on the thyme or maybe use a sprig of fresh thyme and use more meat. The thyme was the main smell the whole time it was cooking and it was the predominate flavor. I used ground powdered thyme.


    The recipe calls for dried thyme, which is just dried whole thyme leaves, not powdered thyme. Powdered thyme would be much more concentrated. If you are using powdered thyme I would use only a quarter as much. ~Elise

  50. Tatiana

    I’d love to try this, but I always buy a bottle of worcestershire sauce and then end up throwing most of it out since we don’t use it more than once or twice a year. Is there something else I could use that would taste similar? Thanks!

    Worcestershire sauce lasts for years, there’s no need to throw it out. I would just get a small bottle. If not, then just skip it. ~Elise

  51. Terri

    Oh. My. Gosh! I have been making stew for years; however, I made this stew last night for the first time. Let me tell you, I will use this recipe from now on. I was a little hesitant because I can not stand the taste of wine or beer. After mixing the broth, I made a little taste test and groaned. The alcohol taste was overwhelming. Don’t judge it at this stage! Once I allowed it to simmer completely, the taste was heavenly. In fact, I used sourdough bread to sop up every bit of deliciousness! I followed the directions exactly (with the exception of using Yukon Gold potatoes). Sautéing the vegetables made a huge difference, too. Do not skip this step. One word of caution: Do not eat unless you are wearing elastic, expando pants! I’ve never eaten so much stew in my life. This is outstanding!

  52. Patricia

    I made this a couple weekends ago and I’m still reaping the benefits.

    I sort of followed the directions. I wanted to cook this in my slow-cooker so I modified a few things. I browned the beef as directed. While that was going I added all the other ingredients to the slow cooker to heat up. After I added the browned beef to the slow cooker, I sauted the veges in the pan and added them into the slow cooker.

    I cooked on high for about 6 and 1/2 to 7 hours.

    It’s a little more soupy than stewy, but it’s still absolutely delish. If you want to thicken the broth it’s always an option.

  53. Linnea

    The flavor on this stew is excellent. I made it last night, and was very pleased with the taste. I’ve been making the same stew forever, and this was a nice change.

    I would make it again, but there are things I would do differently next time. I like a thicker stew, so I would flour the meat, and use more of it. There wasn’t nearly enough meat for the amount of broth. I would not saute the potatoes before adding to the stew. They didn’t cook right for me, and I ended up with a potato mush in my stew (which was texturally unappealling).

  54. thejt

    I like to add a couple of shallot cloves also, they have great flavor.

    One thing I completely disagree with on this recipie is the use of olive oil to brown. I would use Canola, peanut or coconut oil instead.. anything but olive oil.

  55. Audrey Harmon

    My father-in-law has irish roots and lived there when he was little and his mum used to do similar stew for them. When I made this recipe he almost cried as it remined him of that times.. Well done really good recipe. LOVE IT LOVE IT!!!!

  56. elenila

    i was searching for an AMAZING stew recipe with all the ingredients we love, potatoes, carrots…

    added celery and i love to serve over egg noodles…and it is nothing short of AMAZING.

    i absolutely love this website, the recipe selection is varied without being overwhelming, i have tried a number of them and have been happy with every one of them.

    thank you!

    going to go finish the rest of my stew now

  57. erika

    OK, I never post to these threads and always read them to find out how people liked a recipe, but I felt I HAD to finally add my comments. This stew is AMAZING. I’ve made it 3 times now and everyone always loves it. My Brazilian housemate said it was similar to a stew her mother used to make and everyone else agrees it just tastes like that wonderful meal your mom used to make long ago. I reduce the amount of red wine and add little more beer or broth since my husband does not enjoy the wine in his broth as much. Otherwise it’s perfect but also works great with other ingredients, like some peas at the end. Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing this wonderful stew :)

  58. ksenia

    This is a delicous stew. We don’t drink alcohol so I left out the beer and wine (I know I know, some of you will think I ruined this dish) but it still tasted amazing. I added some extra stock instead.

  59. Xiao WANG

    I was a Chinese oversea student in scotland years back. My best friend (irish) made the stew for me back then and it bacame one of my favourite dishes, especialy in those cold winters.

    with this detailed recipe, i made my first pot and it’s just like the one i had 7 years ago. thanks alot!

  60. Arina

    This stew was so delicious. I love eating stew, but was never able to make one that was worth eating. Until now. The beer added a very nice flavor, I would have never thought of doing that. My husband loves it! And it’s now his favorite!

  61. Lisa McAuliffe

    Fab Stew!!! Added turnip/swede each time I’ve made it and my hubby (who hates swede) devoured it without realising what was in it! Gorgeous with irish white soda bread dipped in the juice too.
    Just cooking it on a horrible autumnal night right now!
    Keep the recipe’s coming :)

  62. Jess

    i made this tonight and we loved it. i used a pumpkin ale instead of guinness (’tis the season) and sherry instead of red wine. i added a whole bunch of fresh cracked pepper to the veggies while sauteeing and it was definitely worthwhile – next time i’ll also add celery and possibly leeks or green pepper??? there also wasn’t a great selection of beef at the store, so i got stew meat that was pre-cubed and already tenderized, and i was worried it would be too soggy, but it was great, melt-in-your-mouth but it held together. looking forward to using chuck next time… and i’m thinking of adding butternut squash to it as well. thanks, elise, yet another winner!

  63. Lisa

    My husband and I both agree, this is hands down the best stew we have ever had.

    Making it for the second time right now.

    We followed the instructions exactly, each time, and both times it turned out perfectly.

  64. Steve M.

    Great stew. I used the whole can of Guinness and left out the wine. I didn’t have any sugar, so I used a little molasses. I ladled most of the liquid into a gravy separator to get rid of the fat (almost a cup) and this made the dish less soupy.

    This will be my go to stew from now on.

  65. kathy

    Absolutely the best. The aroma that fills the kitchen as the stew simmers is beyond description. Followed the recipe to a T. Would not change a thing. It’s my “signature” dish.

  66. Linda

    Wow, can’t believe there are so many comments on one recipe! I’m Irish and what I’ve been taught is to dust beef in flour before browning to aid thickening and add veg in at the same time as liquids – that method has never worked out well for me! This recipe is delicious, I used fresh thyme & bay leaves. The stew is more soupy than we’re used to but very rich and flavoursome. A little too rich for me right now as I have a delicate tummy getting over a stomach bug!! I’m interested to see what my dad will say later when he tries it – ultimate test!

  67. Dave

    Im making this right now. I used O’Hara’s Irish stout as its way nicer than Guinness. I left out the carrots and added mushrooms and leeks. Its simmering away. Can’t wait to eat it later.

  68. amy

    I am so happy I found your site and this recipe. I just made this stew last night (I had some Guinness left over from Irish car bomb cupcakes- what a great ending to this stew!) and have shared it with 4 people already. It is that good – my new “go to” beef stew. The only thing I will change is that I will add more carrots – my carrot-loving 13 year old needed more! Other than that, this is the best stew recipe I have ever made. And, I have made a LOT of beef stews.

  69. anthony g

    was just looking for some ideas on a stew recipe and came across this. made a couple fine tunings. slight flour dredge in beef prior to browning. used thyme sprigs instead of ground thyme. added a little green pepper as i love that taste in a stew. added baby peas(near the end).. and did not add sugar, and found that it had a great sweetness without it. gotta tell you, this is phenominal!!!

  70. Brad L.

    More of a soup than a stew, add a little flour

  71. Ray

    Can you use beef tenderloin?

    I’ve used tenderloin in a stew and honestly? It didn’t turn out that well. I would stick with a cut that is more well suited for stews, such as chuck. ~Elise

  72. Jinger Ross

    I made this for my family, and it came out great! I added very little green onion and little celery. The only thing I will do different next time is not put 1 tablespoon of tyme. Maybe half that if any. Its a very strong taste and almost over bares all the other amazing flavors in it. I did try adding the cream (milk) and came out great! Hope you all like it!

  73. Penny

    This was great, my first stew! The butcher tried to give me lean stew meat, lol NOT SO FAST! The marbled chuck turned out very tender and the broth was awesome. When leftovers were reheated, the broth was more gravy-like and still delicious. Next time I will put in celery like my mother did, possibly mushrooms as well, and yes, the full can of Guinness!

  74. Aimee

    I made Paula Dean’s stew about a month ago and decided to try this recipe this time. Way to much thyme for my liking and it ended up very runny. More like a vegetable beef soup than stew. Found Paulas recipe, with added guinnes, to be more on the money and my boyfriend agreed. Oh well!

  75. Jill

    My son’s class is having an “international feast” today where the parents are supposed to bring in food from their ethnic background. Being part Irish, I decided to make a beef stew with Irish soda bread and I came across this recipe. It is the best beef stew I’ve ever had. I don’t know if the kids will appreciate it because I heard there will be pizza, french fries and spaghetti and meatballs, but if not, there’s more for us! I used Murphy’s Stout because it’s a family name. Truly fantastic. I will be making this again and again. Thank you!

  76. Megan

    This stew is fabulous. I’ve made it about nine times so far, and I’m planning to make it for family this Christmas. I’m going to need to double the recipe. My question is, how do you recommend I do this? Should I saute all veggies in a big saute pan and use a 12-qt stockpot for the meat/stew? My dutch oven is only 6.5 qt. Thanks so much! Happy holidays!

    Your guess is as good as mine. You could sauté the vegetables in batches. ~Elise


  77. Rob Taylor

    I visited ireland recently and had a lovely Irish Stew in a pub in the middle of nowhere. I made this particular recipe and although it wasnt the same as the one I had gotta say….excellent :-) It certainly doesnt last long in my house. BUT…Then I remembered the stew in Ireland being creamy….so I added a dash of cream and WOW!!! Try it…believe me it gives a whole new dimension to the flavour.

    Big Thanks btw

    Rob from Leek in the UK

  78. Stephen

    Came across this recipe last year after I was looking to improve upon some beef stew I’d made on a camping trip and being of Irish descent this was a no brainer to try. Made it one cold weekend when all my pals were over and they all loved it. I think I enjoy making it almost as much as eating it just cause it smells so awesome while its cooking. The wine and Guinness (or really any dark beer, I’ve used McSorley’s before too) really push this over the top. The only thing I added to it was about a cupful of mushrooms. Everyone I’ve made it for goes nuts for it and it pretty much becomes an event when I make the stuff haha. hands down my favorite thing to make!

  79. Mildred Yeo

    I made this stew yesterday for some friends who came over for dinner. And all of us loved it! The beef was super tender (even though I stewed it for slightly over an hour)! And gravy was simply out of this world! The best beef stew I had ever made! Thanks, Elsie, for the wonderful recipe! This is how I will cook beef stew from now on!:D

  80. Natalie

    FANTASTIC beef stew. THANK YOU! Deep, rich wonderful flavour, and the meat was soooo tender. I added some celery and took a tip from another site to add potato flakes to thicken the stew. Worked like a charm. Thanks again.

  81. Sarah

    This was delicious and will become a regular. Great blend of flavors in the base! At the end of cooking I added a touch of cornstarch (2 tbsp in 2 tbsp water) to thicken it a bit more. Served with brown bread it brought back great memories of travels in Ireland.

  82. Tasha

    I usually don’t like stew. But I tried this recipe because my boyfriend loves a good stew. It was fantastic! I love the addition of beer and wine. I did flour the beef and brown it, so the broth was much thicker. But I prefer it that way. What a wonderful recipe, thank you! This will definitely become a regular for our house.

  83. Sam Chawla

    Going to try and make this for the boys on a camping trip. Only have one pot/stove. Is it possible to throw the vegetables in raw and simmer along with the beef? Or should I try and cook the veggies at home prior, and just add them? I worry they might get too soggy that way. Please advise

    Yes, you can put them raw in to simmer with the beef. Cooking separately in butter gives them more flavor, but you can easily add them to the stew without doing that. ~Elise

  84. JoAnn

    Made this again today. It is perfect for a chilly weekend and Sunday football games. I have made the recipe often and still love it. Today I made a triple batch and am going to freeze some!

  85. Deb

    Hi. To respond to the person whose stew came out bitter: I just read last night that red wines high in tannins can cause a dish to be bitter. You can look up wines and their tannin contents on the web.

  86. Ms. Hoss

    Yummmm! I just made this stew (first stew ever) and I am in love with the flavors and tender delicious bites of meat. My husband will be very pleased, I am sure.

  87. EJ

    I made this recipe a few weeks ago and have been meaning to come and leave a comment ever since. It was so tasty and came out perfectly. After that success, I tried the Moroccan chicken with lemon and olives recipe when I had my parents over for dinner the other weekend. Again, it was an absolute hit. Thank you so much for sharing your recipes Elise, I know I’ll be back for more ideas soon. I think part of why I like it so much is that you give such great instructions regarding which heat setting to cook things on – and how long for. I like experimenting with new recipes but I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve tried a new recipe only to have it not work out. With your recipes I know that if I follow the instructions to the letter, I’ll get something absolutely delicious. So thanks again… off to find some inspiration for dinner now.

  88. Bunny

    I made this for dinner tonight and….
    oooohhh maaaah gaaaaaah. It was so good.

    I cooked the carrots first, then added celery and onion (with more butter) and set that aside. Then I cooked the potatoes with some garlic powder and pepper. THIS STEW WAS AMAZING. Mmmm.

  89. Jason

    Thank you so much for the recipe! I made this yesterday and, aside from adding a little celery and mushroom, I followed the recipe exactly. It was absolutely delicious. Thanks again!

  90. Derek

    Great stew. We loved it. Never had better. Thanks!

  91. hito

    Today being St Patrick’s Day, I’ve just made this stew. I think it turned out good. I’ll see what my Irish husband has to say about it. I could not find bay leaves at my Foodlion, so I did it without it. I thought 1tbsp thyme may be a bit too much for me, but it was ok. I guess I stirred it too often at the end that potatoes dissolved some and made the stew very thick. But it still tastes pretty good. I like eating it with some rice. (I’m Japanese and I’d like to eat many kinds of food with white rice anyway.) Thank you for the great recipe.

  92. Joanne

    Hi Elise! I just wanted to let you know that I made this a few days ago and absolutely fell in love with it! It is my favorite stew ever. Thanks so much for the recipe.

  93. Nicole

    I made this stew a while back for company and remembered that it turned out very bitter. I thought that it was the guinness? I had to add a sweet soy sauce at the last minute in a panic to take away the bitter bite. From reading all the reviews I must surely have done something wrong. I was going to redo the recipe again today without the Guinness but really want the taste that everyone else is raving about in these reviews. Anyone know what might have caused the bitterness that everyone seemed to taste in my stew?

  94. Lowell U

    Made this recipe for St. Patrick’s day. I omitted the red wine and added a bit more beef broth so that I could have a stronger Guinness taste. After bringing it to a boil, I put into a 300 degree oven for 2 hours to make the beef more tender. Turned out great.

  95. Allen

    Made this stew for the third time and it is amazing. I add dried mushrooms reconstituted it red wine and add the juice to the stew. Some homemade french bread and my own glass of stout and I am in heaven. Thanks for sharing.

  96. David

    I made this stew tonight for dinner. In a word, “delicious”. This made one awesome stew.

    Crock pot variations:

    1. The night before, I browned the beef as directed, then removed the beef to the crock pot.

    2. I then sauted the garlic in the same pan, and removed that and the remaining juices and olive oil to a bowl.

    3. Saute the vegetables as directed. Once they’re done, they go in the crock pot too.

    4. The crock pot, and the bowl with the garlic and juices go in the fridge overnight.

    5. In the morning, add the garlic, juices, spices, beer, wine, broth, etc. to the crock pot. This *fills* a 5 quart crock pot.

    I used a whole can of Guinness (14.9 oz.) since I couldn’t think of anything else to do with 6 oz. of Guinness first thing in the morning.

    I slightly cut the broth, since I didn’t have exactly 6 cups on hand.

    Cook on High for about 4 hours, then switch to Low and cook for about another 4 to 5 hours.

  97. Marjorie

    My DH and I really enjoyed this recipe. I added turnips and parsnips because I had them on hand. I think the key is cooking the vegetables seperately. Thanks for the great recipe!

  98. Michael

    This was great fun to make and I expect it to taste great. I made a roux with a couple tablespoons of seasoned flour and cooked it with the browned beef. There’s so much liquid in this recipe that I thought it would want thickening. We’ll see….it’s in the oven now (another alteration from your recipe, which calls for stove-top cooking). I’ll let you know.

  99. Catherine

    I’ve made this stew many, many times over the past few years, and it’s always fantastic. Thanks so much for this wonderful recipe!

  100. Sam Chandler

    Awesome! Totally worth the effort. Could go a little lighter on the thyme but otherwise fantastic!

  101. Erin

    This stew was scrumptious. The man loved it and got to drink the rest of the guiness and the child kept going “mmmm” when I fed it to her. I used a nice napa cab sav and it was perfect for a snowy winter day. I drank some of the red wine while I cooked the veggies-cooking them in butter really made them yummy. Oh how the carrots added the right sweetness against the complexity of the wine, beer and beef flavors. My stew meat wasn’t very fatty (not a lot to choose from at store), but it still came out DELICIOUS. I LOVE THIS SITE!

  102. Melissa

    Love this recipe. I used lamb instead of beef and it was delicious.

  103. dharmaBum

    I made this recipe tonight with Guiness and the Bota Box Shiraz. It was FABULOUS!

    I include 3 teaspoons of mild chili powder and used 1/3 cup of tomato paste because the stew just seemed to call for it as the wine, thyme, Guiness, bay and beef were bubbling away when I stirred in the first dose of tomato paste. I meant to add sauteed fennel bulb, but didn’t get to it.

  104. Bill

    This is FANTASTIC stew, and my wife says it’s the best meal I’ve ever made! I used 1 1/2 cups Guinness and 1 1/2 cups Lindeman’s Cabernet. Also used extra carrots & potatoes, and cooked the stock more like 3 hours instead of just one. I ended up adding some corn starch at the end to thicken it up a bit, but other than that followed the recipe pretty closely. Even my four year old (a picky eater) loved it, and everybody had seconds. Really rich and flavorfull.

  105. Danica

    Hello –
    This turned out great but with the addition of some cornstarch for thickener and reducing the potatoes to roughtly 2 1/2 (I might even do 2 net time) and upping the beef a bit.
    I think next time I will put some sweet potatoes in there as well as rutabaga.
    The addition of celery turned out well too. Only about 3 stalks or so is perfect.
    Thanks for the recipe!

  106. Holly

    I was looking for a tasty stew for a cold night, and found this recipe. I used different potatoes and added a little flour. I cooked it on low in the crockpot for 10 plus hours. It was great! At first I was worried that there was too much thyme for my taste, but the crock pot mellowed the flavor out nicely. I used shiraz red wine. I served the stew with yeast rolls and butter. Plus, now I have 5 Guinness Extra Stouts in my fridge for future batches and a tasty mug to go with my stew. Bring on the cold weather!

    This recipe is a keeper. Thank you!

  107. Jessica

    This is fantastic! Thank you for posting. I was unable to run out and get the Guiness so I skipped it and added an extra cup of stock — it worked out well. (I’ll try the “real” thing next time.) Bravo!

  108. richie p

    Mate this stew is incredible. Got another on the go for tonight’s meal!
    Made it once before and can’t get it out my head!
    Bring on the snow and awful cold weather…!
    Stew stew stew

  109. monika

    I’m going to make this recipe tonight … after reading all the posts, I’m going to try lamb. Has anyone tried mushroom broth instead of beef?

  110. celine

    Made this fabulous stew for my husband’s 60th birthday gathering today. It was a hit with everyone and is a keeper sure to be repeated for many future guests. This is the 5th or 6th recipe I have used from your site and have been happy with them all. Thank you so much!

  111. MJ

    Like a few others, I don’t normally leave comments on blogs, but after making this dish last night I totally felt compelled. Simply delicious. I did not change a thing, other than forgetting to pick up fresh parsley.

    The stew had so much flavor, and the texture of the meat and vegetables are perfect, the vegetable don’t get so mushy as to not have any of their on flavor or qualities. My husband and I will be fighting over the leftovers today I’m sure!

    My husband and 9 year old raved about it as well. This will be my new and only Irish Beef Stew recipe from now on.

    Thank you for the great recipe, I am completely hooked on your site now!

  112. Tina

    I followed this recipe to the T and it turned out great. My husband really liked the flavor of the sauce. We would have liked the sauce a little thicker, so next time, I’ll thicken it a little. Definitely a keeper. Thanks. I’m always looking for great recipies and will put this blog on my favorites list.

  113. Bigmike

    I did this in the crock pot for 10 hours (due to convenience for my schedule). I did a number of the recommendations (with a few of my own), and it was wonderful. I definitely need to do this one again.

    Basically, I used the butter to brown the meat (sear the edges) and saute the onions and garlic in a cast iron dutch oven. I placed those and my cut up veggies in the crock pot. I then put the beer, wine, dried mushrooms, and all the sauce ingredients in the dutch oven and cooked for a minute or two to clean the pan. Then I poured it all in the crock pot. Again, 10 hours on low, and it was awesome.

    My variations included the following:
    -A 3 pound or better piece of chuck roast, which I left whole. I didn’t cut it all up. It just falls apart after 10 hours.
    -Lotsa Dried Shiitake Mushrooms (AWESOME!!!)
    -1 Parsnip
    -1 Rutabaga
    -2 Tablespoons of Worcestershire sauce, instead of one
    -A full bottle of Guinness
    -1 red onion, as well as one white one

    I bought a leek, but forgot to put it in. I guess, next time. Top rate for this recipe.

  114. Eileen

    I also never leave comments on blogs, but this stew is so delicious. I used porter and shiraz, but any very dark beer and flavourful red wine should work. Next time I’m going to cut the oil by half or more because my only complaint was that it was quite oily, especially on the second day. (Maybe it was something I did). I’m also going to play around with other vegetables, like fennel, turnips or mushrooms. Great recipe!

  115. Aileen

    I came across your blog when I was searching for an Irish Beef Stew recipe. I do not usually leave comments on blogs but your recipe was simply DELICIOUS and I wanted to let you know. Will definitely make this one again! I’m also looking forward to trying the other recipes on your blog!


  116. Hal

    I made this stew last night. It is delicious, but a little too thin, so I added some flour at the end. Also, I cut my potatoes too small and they liquified, so be sure your potatoes are about an inch. Finally, use a 12″ skillet to brown the poatoes, carrots,and onions rather than a large pot — you’ll get better browning. Overall, a very tasty stew. Serve over egg noodles, spaetzel, or mashed potatoes and you’ll be happy.

  117. john

    I thought this stew had great flavor, though the “gravy” was too thin for my liking. Next time I will add a slurry, or better yet, toss the beef in flour prior to browning. Having to sautee the veggies before placing in stew was a nice touch. This recipe made a ton, so I brought some into work and it was a huge hit!

  118. anna

    man oh man… this is AMAZING! I made this for the 3rd time and thought it was the best yet. The difference this time I used “Better than Bouillion” and I think this brought it to a whole new level. *way better than regular beef broth* I also doubled the meat and halfed the potatoes and added a few parsnips. Elise…thanks again for a phenomenal recipe. ;o), Anna…
    ps. next time my husband is going to make some spaetzle to go with it…mmmmm

  119. Kristin

    Great stew! The only time consuming part of it was the prep of all of the vegtables. I added mushrooms, celery, and rutabaga (substituted for 3 cups of potatoes). I served it with biscuits and my husband loved it. We have plenty left over for another dinner and a couple lunches. I would definitely make this one again.

  120. Kristin Conroy

    I cooked this recipe the other night for my husband and his parents. I took a risk tweaking it to use in my crock pot…but it was a delicious hit! I wanted to share this with others in case they weren’t making it because of the time-factor. Maybe it’s even better cooking it the way it’s intended, but I wouldn’t have made it otherwise, so I think it was worth it! I omitted the butter and sugar, only put a splash of olive oil, and had to decrease the amount of stock by about half (not enough room). Thanks for sharing this recipe!

  121. Rain

    Awesome! Used fresh thyme and added flour to the veggies when I cooked them and a little more flour as I went along to make it thick. I also added a little more garlic and omitted the bay leaves because I don’t like them. I salted and peppered the beef before I browned it. Finally, I drank two Guinness while I prepared the stew and that seemed to help the flavor too!

  122. Chester Fung

    What kind of red wine shall I use here as there are many types of wine available? Can I just simply get a bottle of red wine and use it? Pls advise..

    Use a red wine that you like to drink, in other words, one that is good enough to drink or serve with dinner. If you don’t have any favorite wines, I would recommend looking for a midrange pinot noir. ~Elise

  123. dw

    I made this beef stew yesterday with a few substitutions/additions. Used left over white wine (chardonnay) instead of red, german lager instead of guinness, chicken “better than bouillon” instead of beef stock. I added mushrooms and pattypan squash. It still came out really well in spite of all the changes!

  124. Joe Schmo

    What a GREAT recipe! I normally DO NOT like stew, but this recipe (which we cooked in the crock pot) has a great “beefy” taste.

  125. Dean Brown

    I love this recipe.

  126. TimGee3

    My family doesn’t normally eat stew, but this recipe has brought them around. Twice in two weeks by popular demand. Not too many dishes get that reception in my house… WOOHOO!

    Gotta say, the marbled meat recommendation is excellent advice for any stew… you gotta “fatten” the flavor, and lean meat won’t do it. I also think homemade stock is helpful to round out the richness of this or any stew. Boil them bones.. mmmm mmmm good!

  127. Mary Custance

    I made this for St. Patrick’s day and have to say it was AWESOME! I am definitely adding it to my list of favs. I am going to try it next in the crock pot and maybe add some frozen peas at the end. What a delicious meal to come home to after a busy day!

  128. Lisa_S

    Awesome stew! I cooked it in the crock too and my stew meat was lean and required little skimming but it was still tasty.

    Crockpot tip: The above recipe goes into a 5+ Quart crock so if yours is smaller, you’ll need to reduce the broth and veggie amounts. I learned the hard way with my 3.5Q crock.

    This stew can handle all the additions in the comments so read away and modify to your heart’s delight.

  129. Amber

    I just made this in the crockpot. I browned the meat slightly and then popped it in with all the ingredients on low for 9 hours. It was very tasty. I added one extra tablespoon of Worcestershire sauce for a little more of a kick. Everyone liked it quite a bit. They added a little salt/pepper for their own taste. The only suggestion they made was to add some flour at the end to thicken it. Otherwise thumbs up.

  130. Lindsay

    Thanks for the response, Elise. I have to admit, aside from pre-formed beef burger patties I’ve only ever previously purchased beef one time in my life (and I’ve been doing the daily cooking for 10 years). I just don’t eat a lot of red meat, and I cook with it even less. I didn’t know that I shouldn’t have chosen an extra lean cut of meat for this – I told the guy behind the counter that I needed some stew meat, and this is what he told me to get. :(

    Maybe I will give the recipe a go another time. I had such high hopes for it…

  131. Lindsay

    I made this last night in honor of St. Patrick’s day, and I’d say it was an all right, but not exceptional recipe. I’m with the other reviewrs who said that it lacked “oomph”. I was expecting it to taste like a stew, of course, but it was just sort of blah tasting and reminded me why I am not much of a stew fan in general.

    I followed the recipe exactly (until the very end when I added in a small slurry of cornstarch and water to make the broth slightly thicker, but I tasted before and after and there was no noticeable change in taste), and I used only fresh ingredients of good quality – fresh 7 Deadly Zins wine, good beef stock, no hormone added stew meat (as per the label), ingredients purchased the day before, the dried thyme was only a couple months old… I cooked in a Le Crueset-style dutch oven, like one of the previous reviewers who was not impressed, maybe that has something to do with it? The only thing I can possibly think of that might have effected the stew was that the stew meat I used was extra lean, and I noticed when browning it that it didn’t have as much of a “beef-browning” smell as I would have expected, and I really didn’t have enough fat on top to warrant draining it off. So maybe that was it, but even so, it’s not likely that I’ll make this a second time to see if I could get it better.

    Hi Lindsay, In my opinion, one should never use “extra lean” meat for anything that requires slow cooking that you want to taste good. There, I’ve said it. That’s my opinion and I’ll stand by it. I’m going to adjust the recipe to make sure that people know they should be using the most flavorful and marbled cut for stew meat, which is chuck. Thank you for reporting back. Clarifying this point will help avoid future instances of “lack of oomph” stew. ~Elise

  132. Caitlin

    If you are debating whether you should make this or not… do what I did, make it! You will not be disappointed. Best stew I have ever had. It leaves this warm taste in your mouth. I think it works for all seasons. Trust me.

    I added celery and it worked out great. I think celery, potatoes and carrots go great together.

  133. Glitterati

    Thanks for this great recipe, Elise & Tomas! Made it tonight to cheer myself up on a work-filled St. Patrick’s Day night and it did the trick!

    I only had about 4.5 cups of beef broth, so I added the whole can of Guinness and maybe 2 cups of wine. Threw in a couple of bone-in stew pieces, and added some sliced mushrooms as I love mushrooms. Also added 1/2 a can of diced tomatoes, and though it is tasty, I might leave it out the next time as it does change the flavour noticeably. Finally, I pureed some of the potatoes at the end and added it back into the stew, along with some cornstarch, to thicken it up. I love an earlier commenter’s idea about serving as individual pot-pies, must try this sometime.

    A tiny bit heavy on the prep work, but this is REAL food people… definitely worth it! Besides, it’s mostly just chopping, so there’s not much to clean up after. If the description, photo, and all these comments haven’t persuaded you yet, you must try this recipe! SO good.

  134. Andrea

    I made this a couple years ago following the recipe as listed a Epicurious, but we like it so much better with the stout and the wine as you say. I add a couple beef bones when browning the meat, use Yukon Gold potatoes instead of russets, and use fresh thyme from our garden rather than dried. We really enjoy this stew.

  135. Ross

    This is the best stew ever! I have made it three time in the past two months with different proportions of ingredients, different cooking times, and different wines and beers. All excellent. I think we have settled on more meat and less potatoes (3lbs of cubed round steak to 1.5lbs of potatoes), and a full bottle of beer vs a cup (Theakston’s “Old Peculiar” is far and away the best beer yet). The only other variant has been a 1/4 cup of real maple syrup substituted for the sugar. Mmmm!!!!

  136. Meredith

    I made this last year for my child’s first birthday on St. Patrick’s day. It was absolutely delicious and people are still asking me for the recipe. I will be repeating it again this year for her 2nd birthday and St. Pat’s bash. This may become an annual event!

  137. Matt

    Made this for dinner tonight. The kids loved it, the house smelled awesome and there are no leftovers…which isnt really a good thing, I would have liked some for lunch tomorrow.
    I sub’d an Australian beer i had on hand (Tooheys New) for the Guiness and added some celery late on. We thickened this up just a lil bit with a cornstarch/water mix, but only a little.
    Cant wait to have this again.

  138. Jessica

    My love and I have been fans of this recipe almost since the day you posted it. It was part of our repertoire until I was diagnosed with celiac disease and couldn’t have Guinness anymore. However, for Valentine’s Day I cooked this stew substituting the gluten-free Green’s Endeavor dark ale for the stout. It was as delicious as ever! The ale, made from millet, rice, buckwheat and sorghum, added a little extra zing. Endeavor is a pretty expensive Belgian brew, but I’m sure a Redbridge would work as well. Thanks again for this fabulous recipe!

  139. Skoggit

    Made the Irish Stew last St. Patricks Day for friends of mine. I know I have done good when there is none left, well there was none left. In fact I managed to only get myself a small bowl of it. I made corn bread to go along with the stew which they said really complimented the stew. Thanks for posting the recipe. Now its a yearly tradition with my friends and family to listen to a Flogging Molly CD, eat a lot of the delicious Irish Stew and watch the movie Boondock Saints. This yearly tradition wouldn’t have happened if not for the recipe. Thanks again!

  140. Tom

    I would just like to say that everytime I’ve used this recipe- and I really mean everytime- it has been absolutely incredible. Everything balances and blends to perfection.

    Thank you.

  141. Alice Wijman

    Great recipe!!! My guests loved it. Thanks for sharing.

  142. Matt

    Tried the slow cooker, made it like most recipes for slow cooker stews I see and threw it all in a pot, put it on low for 6 hours or so. I have nothing to go by but I’ll be trying the actual recipe version next time. Meat came out kind of tough and the flavor didn’t penetrate anything much. Will experiment some more, only the second time I’ve used it since I got it for christmas. My jambalaya(recipe #1) was kind of a bust compared to the regular way of making it as well.

    Very underwhelmed with this thing. Takes me just as long to cook these dishes on the stove top.

    With a slow cooker you really need to brown the beef first. It also helps to sauté the veggies separately (to brown them). So much of the flavor in a stew comes from the browning. So throwing everything in a pot and cooking it slow isn’t going to get you the best flavor. It should get you tender meat though. If the meat wasn’t tender perhaps you needed to cook it longer (assuming you were using the low setting on your slow cooker). ~Elise

  143. Sarah

    Oh my! I made this last night to bring to work for lunch over the rest of the week, well a good portion was gone last night before it ever hit the fridge! Even my 6 year old sister who detests stews and soups in general kept coming back and asking for more.
    I was skeptical about the wine and Guiness, but about 10 minutes into the simmering with lid on part…everyone in the house was in the kitchen lifting the lid and asking what it was.
    Truly a wonderful recipe! Thank you for sharing…it will certainly become part of my recipe lexicon.

  144. Fern

    Made this recipe for the first time and got such GREAT reviews from the family that I can’t wait to make it again. The Guinness is a wonderful addition. I used Yukon Gold potatoes rather than russets plus a few other substitutions and voila the best stew I have ever made resulted. Looking forward to trying it with lamb.

    As I mentioned above I substituted a few items because that’s just the way I cook, so this is a good recipe to experiment with and not be afraid you will mess it up. I spiced up the stew meat as it simmered with some Gebhardt’s chili powder and although this isn’t necessarily an Irish spice it did taste GREAT. Truly the best stew I have ever made.

  145. Rachelle

    I made this stew a few months ago and it turned out great!! It also got some rave reviews by a couple of my “testers”. Excellent.

  146. Holly

    This is an awesome recipe. However, I am surprised that no one mentioned that it is more like a soup than a stew. It did not thicken for me. I like stew to be somewhat thick. So I added a little flour to it and it was perfect.

  147. Lori

    I have made this many times and this is the best recipe I’ve tried so far. Thanks so much!

  148. Chris

    I just made this yesterday and it was fantastic! The only thing I am going to add next time are a few cans of stewed tomatoes.

  149. Demetri

    My wife and I were VERY PLEASED with the outcome of the stew. We made a few minor changes, using less potato, more beef and added a small amount of mushroom. We were so happy with the first round, we are going to make this again for company tonight. THANK YOU!!!!

  150. amy

    I made this stew, and was a bit disapointed. It was a little bitter. The second day the bitterness had went away, but the wine taste was very prevalent.

  151. jessica

    Hi, this looks great – but what measurement is a cup? in terms of volume and weight? I live in Ireland and we never go by cup measurements.

    There is a measurement converter in the left side bar of this website which you can use to go from American standard to metric measurements. ~Elise

  152. Jen

    Smells delicious! I know it will be good.

  153. SaraQ

    Very tasty! We didn’t have any tomato paste so we tossed in a few fresh tomatoes. Thanks for the recipe.

  154. B

    Following-up on some previous posts .. any modifications needed recommendations for the slow cooker?

    Don’t know. I haven’t made this in a slow cooker. If you do, and you make changes, please let us know about it. ~Elise

  155. susan

    This stew was easy to make. The stew had an excellent flavor. I really liked the idea of dipping my baguette/french bread into it, sopping up the tasty flavors. It reminded me a little bit of beef bourginon, but definitely did not carry as strong of a wine flavor. The garlic gave it some depth, without overpowering of the ingredients. I think the next time I make it, I’ll add some celery, maybe peas. I’ll also dredge the meat into flour prior to cooking, so that it may be a little thicker in consistency in the end. I will definitely make this stew again!


  156. Shelly

    The cold weather is finally starting to stick here in Washington DC, and it’s perfect soup/stew weather. My boyfriend and I made this recipe (followed it precisely) and had it for dinner on Saturday. It was delicious! We proceeded to have it for a midnight snack, and then Sunday breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And what do you know… now there’s none left!

  157. Garry

    Oh boy, this smells so good!

    Now I have read the comments I can’t wait to try it.

    Thank you.

  158. Tiffani Martin

    I just made this tonight, and it was amazing. My mom used to make a beef stew when I was a kid, and I realized as it got cooler outside that I don’t have a recipe for a great stew. I pretty much followed the recipe exactly (not the finest red wine – I used Little Penguin Cab).. and I was pretty much drooling while the aroma filled my apartment. Mmm. Next time I will add some cremini mushrooms, but well, I love cremini mushrooms :o) Thank you!

  159. david whalen

    We used your stew recipe with venison cut from the sirloin tip roast and a small amount of pork shoulder trimmed of some fat but not all. Friends came during the ingredient mixing and I forgot the onion and the worchester sauce! The flavor was absolutely scrumptous anyhow. It is definitely right up their with our favorite venison dish-steak diane.
    Thank you for providing this great recipe.

    Dave and Anne Whalen

  160. Nate

    OH Elise! I’m having this now for Sunday dinner. I can’t think of a better Fall dish.

    I only made a few changes. I dredged my stew beef in seasoned whole-wheat flour, added celery, and cut all of my vegetables – including the onions – very roughly (i.e., I made everything very chunky). I used red potatoes and left the skins on. The earthiness is awesome!

    The flavors in this dish are wonderful. I was a bit worried about the bitterness of an extra stout concentrating and about a whole Tbs of Worcestershire, but my fears were very misguided. It’s really a great homey meal.

    Thanks so much!

  161. julie

    Thank you for this recipe. I made it for company last night. It was a fall feast: Irish stew, beet-orange salad, crusty bread and for desert, apple pie and pumpkin cookies! I tripled the stew, but did not have enough potatoes to triple the potato amount, because of that the stew was not as thick as it would have been. However the broth is so delicious that it doesn’t really matter!


  162. Julie

    Love, love, love this recipe. I always double it, now add parsnips and sliced crimini mushrooms. My friends and family beg for me to make it – excellent to serve to a gathering.

  163. Daniel

    To “A” that posted the following:
    -Posted by: A on June 17, 2007 9:04 AM
    Guinness is a stout, not a beer!

    Yes well done, Guinness is a stout. But stout is a style of beer. So is pilsner, pale ale, bock, porter and many others…

    They are all still beer.

  164. Cindy

    My husband and I made this stew last night for dinner and it was tremendous. We had been looking for an authentic Irish stew recipe, our son had gone to school in Ireland for a semester and we had visited him there and enjoyed the stews so much. This was the perfect recipe for us, the taste was amazing and it was easy to make. The Guinness and the red wine were definitely “key” ingredients. Thanks so much for this recipe………..it is a real keeper and the beginning of a new family tradition in our home.

  165. JB

    One thing I’ve noticed…. when ever I make a stew in my cast iron (no enamel coating) pot, the flavor is 100 times richer and full bodied. I wish someone would make a cast iron crock pot.

  166. Lorraine

    If I wanted to transfer and simmer in a slower cooker, how long would it need to simmer for?

  167. Syida

    Many many thanks for sharing this delicious recipe. It is simply fantastic!

  168. Denise

    I made this stew once already to very rave reviews!, now I need to double/triple it and I do not have any beef stock in the house, however I do have a nice red wine, and 3 cans of guinness? Will that do?, or is the beef stock that important?

    You can try it and see. At a minimum I would use beef bouillon cubes. Personally I would not attempt to make this stew without the stock, but that’s just me. ~Elise

  169. Anna

    I will be the odd one out here and say that I really did not enjoy this at all. I found it kind of not tasty. My biggest issue is that even after I chilled it and removed the top layer of fat I found the thing too oily. Most likely I put the blame on the fact that I had been cooking for six hours straight and this was the last thing on the menu and I probably ran out of that “love filled urge” to cook- and without my desire for making the dish and being tired I probably messed it up somehow, but if I do try to make it again I will have to cut down on that oil in the beginning- and maybe I used the wrong type of pot (Le Creuset dutch oven?) Who knows, maybe I am just not a stew person?

  170. Fae

    THANKS FOR THIS RECIPE! Followed it to a T except for the bay-leaves (didn’t have any) and added some corn starch just to thicken it right at the end.

    Fantastic recipe and better than a lot of the “irish” stews I’ve had (Lived in Ireland for 5 years)

  171. susie

    Wow! I made this stew the other night for dinner, it’s the first stew I’ve ever made (I don’t cook regularly) and it was absolutely awesome! I used more meat than called for and slightly less potato butnone the less….wow! My mom even said it was great (she ate the whole bowl I served her and she doesn’t generally eat a lot) and she wants me to share the recipe with my uncle who’s a chef. Wonderful!

  172. Ken

    Looks like a great recipe, but reminds more of a French Beef Bougingnon than traditional Irish Stew (note the red wine, roux and tomato paste). None the less, I’ll try it out, but don’t think I’ll be able to make myself use dried thyme.

  173. Pascale

    I made this recipe for my boyfriend’s birthday and he loved it. He said it was better than his grandma’s stew (who is Irish!). Even I thought it smelled wonderful and I am a vegetarian! Next time, I will probably add more meat.

  174. John Swayze

    P.S. – One other modification I forgot to mentioned I used.

    We like a thicker stew, so once the final simmer was done, I evacuated the meat and vegetables to an aluminum foil-covered bowl and thickened the remaining liquid with a simple roux.

    I let that cook for a couple of minutes to thicken to a more gravy-like consistency, then put everything back in the pot and stirred it all together one last time.

  175. John Swayze

    I’ve been trying to mimic the Guinness pie from an Irish restaurant we have here near Worcester, MA for a while now, and this one comes pretty close.
    The flavors and texture are both great, though to get closer to my preferred taste, I will probably use a couple extra bay leaves, forgo the wine in favor of more stout, and use lamb next time. But even un-monkeyed around with, this is a fine dish.

    Easy & cool serving variation: Before serving, ladle the stew into large individual oven-safe ramekins or pie plates. Top with ready-made pie crust and bake according to the package directions.

  176. alyssa

    Made this yesterday and it was a huge hit, even with my little toddler. The Guinness definitely is uncompromisable. As for the red wine, I just used the red wine I had on hand…it was a simple table wine, and it still came out great. Next time I’m going to simmer the meat longer than an hour and add an extra cup of broth along with the entire can of Guinness instead of 1 cup. I’m also not a huge fan of carrots and felt like they didn’t soak up the flavor of the stew too well, so I will be putting in whole mushrooms instead. The first day we served it with bread, the next day we poured it over cooked white rice and it was soooo good. I’m so happy I made this! :)

  177. Mike

    What kind of wine would one use with this? anything specific I am wondering? Certain wines are very different and I would not want to mess this one up.

    Use a red wine that you like to drink. Whatever you do, don’t buy a cheap cooking wine for this. If you don’t like the wine on its own, it’s not going to be great in the stew. ~Elise

  178. Amanda Gillam

    Thank you for sharing this fab recipe with the world! I made this for my parents and they absolutely loved it! I cooked it for 4 hours and the beef was so tender it literally melted in your mouth. I’m now going to attempt a second try and make it for my partner tonight so fingers crossed it should turn out just right again. If anyone reading this is umming and rrring about whether to make this or not – make it!!! It’s truly amazing, especially the wonderful aroma it produces in the kitchen. Enjoy!!

  179. carrie m

    I made this stew tonight, and my family loved it. My only change was that rather then letting the beef simmer for 1 hour, i simmered it for 4 hours and added 1 – 1/2 cups more beef broth. Then i put the veggies in. My pickiest child, in the house even liked it!


  180. Jenny

    I’m Irish and I often make a similar stew to this! It seems to go down well with anyone I’ve served it too especially if I make my homemade brown soda bread to mop it up with.

  181. Julie

    My family’s beef stew recipe is fantastic, so this one had a lot to live up to. The Guiness and red wine made it really incredible!!! And sauteeing the veggies was a lovely idea.

    As for improvements, I love thyme, but 1 Tbsp was really too much for my taste. Mushrooms and/or celery would be great additions. Also, the stew was rather thin, even after I added some corn starch. Maybe less stock next time.

    I bet it will be thicker today though, and even more flavorful – I can’t wait for the leftovers!

  182. KiKi

    I made this stew to take along to St. Arnold’s brewery here in Houston for their St. Patty’s day celebration. It was absolutely delicious, really easy to make, and went perfectly with stout, amber, & brown ales!

  183. felonice

    I made this stew tonight for St. Pattys day!
    It was very good and flavorful. I followed the directions exactly – except I poured the whole bottle of guiness in 11.7 oz – no sense wasting it. it was very good and my husband had two bowls!

  184. Patty

    This stew is wonderful and if you say it isnt …you did something wrong …my family BEGS for me to make this and they are finicky eaters. Thanks

  185. Maddie

    Thanks so much this recipe was delicious! My husband has always loved Irish Stew and talked about his Gran making it! He really enjoyed it-have NEVER seen him mop up everything with bread! It was the first time I had made or tasted Irish stew myself and it was fantastic. Will definitely be a weekly meal now through autumn and winter … also we got 2 and a half meals out of it (so great to just have to reheat with a young baby!) -and if possible it tasted even better the second night! Am going to try it using the crock pot next time.

  186. Anonymous

    i must have done something wrong….this stew had absolutely NO flavor. 5 bites and we were done. what started as irish stew turned into 2 apples and crackers for dinner.

    The stew is only as good as the ingredients you put in it. For example, you can’t use any old beef, you need to use stew meat – tough cuts that are intensely flavorful and perfect for slow cooking. Use the best quality beef stock you can get your hands on. Your herbs need to be no more than a year old. The wine should be a good drinking wine, not cooking wine, etc. Browning the meat initially is very important for the resultant flavor as well. ~Elise

  187. Bryan

    Your recipe was fantastic!!! The flavor of the beer and wine was incredible, I had it for dinner tonight. This is going to be a great recipe for St. Patrick’s day. Thank you for the recipe!!!

  188. morgan

    Went ahead and made it without the tomato. Delicious!

  189. morgan

    Does anyone know if this stew could be made without the tomato paste? It sounds so good otherwise, but I am just not a fan of soups/stews with a strong tomato flavor.

  190. Valerie

    Amazing! I made this last year for a Pub Night fundraiser for our Irish Dance Team – made enough for 100 people. We sold out in 20 minutes – people were stealing tickets from others because they wanted seconds! Will be making enough for 300 this year!

  191. colin

    Another great addition is celery.

  192. Justin

    I just finished making this stew, I’ve been wanting to make my own Guinness stew since I tried one at the local Irish Pub, This recipe was awsome. I made it for my mom, girlfriend and a good buddy and everyone loved it. I added a full pint of guinness instead of the 1 cup and also added celery but all in all this was great. I will be making it again soon for some more friends.

  193. Kelly

    My husband made this tonight and even the kids loved it! I did a post at my blog on this recipe.

  194. Special K

    Thank you very much for posting this recipe! I am cooking it right now and the sauce tastes so goooood…. More power to you!!!!

  195. liz

    Can I cook this stew in the oven instead of on the stovetop?

  196. Ryan Oakes

    I love this recipe. Every time I make it, the whole pot just…disappears!

  197. Kirsten

    Just made it tonight and loved it!

  198. Tracey Dublin

    Thank you so much for this recipe! I have made it at least 6 times now and each time it has been delicious. (I now add a whole 500ml can of Guinness and 3/4 of a bottle of wine to the recipe….makes it even more divine :-) )

  199. saviour deguara

    I made this stew yesterday for 12 people. The only difference I made was that I added a little chillies and frozen peas and let it simmer for about 3 hours. Absolutely wonderful Everyone loved it. Will definitely be doing it again. Thank you.

  200. Liana

    I made this tonight and it was awesome. I used some yellow baby potatoes instead of russets. Also, I used rosemary instead of bay and pearl onions instead of a large onion.

    Next time I might add barley to it. Very yummy!

  201. CS

    I made this stew tonight– added a bit of celery and chopped leeks. Also I added sherry instead of the wine. To thicken it for a meat pie filling, I added some whole wheat bread pieces which worked very well!

  202. Teresa

    Tried this recipe for the first time yesterday for my greek friends and family and it was a huge success …. looked JUST like the photo too!! Followed it exactly … very easy to make, just a little time needed for preparation …. I would also say that this recipe would not be suitable for more than 4 people …
    Try it… trust me, if I can make it, anyone can!!

  203. Hanna

    I made this with lamb (cut up leg of lamb) and it was outstanding!


  204. Wesley

    I made this last night for the family and everyone absolutely loved it! I also made some irish soda bread to go with this and it’s an out of this world combination!

  205. Steve

    We found a sale on whole Tri tip instead of stew meat and added twice as much wine and beer with a few extra spices and took maybe an extra hour to reduce during our hour long bike ride. Was delicious thanks for posting!


  206. Terrie Hall

    FABULOUS STEW! I realized I had no guiness after I had started the recipe so I left it out and it was still the best stew I’ve ever had. Cooking the vegetables before adding them to the meat intensifies the flavor and they don’t end up soft and watery. The meat was tender and flavorful and the “juice” was very tangy and delicious. Be sure to serve with a good bread so you can sop it up.

  207. PandaSlayer

    Being that it’s that time of year, I was looking for a good stew recipe and came upon this one. I used the chain meat from a tenderloin and rolled the carrots, potatoes and onion in a little flour before browning in the butter and it turned out FANTASTIC! I am just starting out experimenting with beer in cooking and this dish inspired me to use it much more. Thanks!

  208. Sonia Pizzinato

    This is a delicous stew! The smell that was throughout the ‘house’ was fantastic we could not wait for it to be finished!!!
    What a wonderful meal full with flavour!
    My family enjoyed it very much~yummy!

  209. Brian

    The recipe says simmer covered for an hour and while it is simmering saute the potatoes and onions add and simmer 40 minutes un covered. So is the total simmering time 1 hour or an hour and forty minutes?

    Note from Elise: The total simmering time is one hour and forty minutes.

  210. tammy

    I’ve never commented on anything I found online, but this is worthy of a comment. A cool Southern California day had me itching for stew and yours is the best I’ve ever tatsted. Thanks for sharing!

  211. stephanie

    I am making this right now. It’s unbelievably delicious. I only used 1 1/2 lbs of red potatoes (unpeeled) and added 4-5 stalks of celery and another 1/2 onion. Wow! We are going to have it with some onion rye country bread.

    My husband didn’t think he liked stew… but he sure has changed his mind! He keeps asking when it’s going to be ready… 10 more minutes, sweetheart!

  212. M.J.S.

    This was wonderful. I braised the meat, but all else the same. Everyone loved it!

  213. Kim

    This stew turned out really really well! I’m not going to use quite as many potatoes next time, but the flavor was just perfect! Thank you =)

  214. kylie

    Really nice stew. The stout adds a special depth as does the red wine. I added a head of broccoli aswell and it was rich and beautiful. I think all the beef stews i make in the future will be of this recipe – thanks

  215. dave

    This looks perfect! I was looking for a stew recipe to cook for about 16 adult males this weekend (poker retreat). Are there any considerations I need to take into account when tripling (quadrupling?) this recipe?

  216. Linda Sinclair

    I tried this for the first time last night and followed the recipe exactly. My husband, Richard, commented beforehand “I’ve never really been much for stews” but I was determined to give this recipe a try, regardless. Half-way through the cooking he popped into the kitchen to say “Hey that does smell good!” When I finally served it with chunks of warm bread he hardly said a word through dinner (that’s a first!) and at the end said “I don’t know what to say to you. That was the best stew I have ever tasted – it was fantastic!” If Richard raves about it, it must be good. Thank you for helping me give the impression to my husband that I am indeed a wonderful cook!

  217. Lorraine

    This was our dinner tonight- delicious! I simmered the beef much longer than an hour- something like 3 hours- until it was tender, and added chunks of celery as well.

    And because we didn’t have Guinness in the house, I used a local dark lager called Cerveza Negra. So tasty and perfect with rice. Thanks!

  218. john howarth

    I first made this stew about 6 months ago and have made it for nearly every friend that has come to our house for a meal, the best stew I have ever had, very rich, thanks for the recipe!!

  219. A

    Yep, slight variations in my attempt, but great start point! Thanks!

  220. Pam

    We are very happy to have found this recipe! We like the convenience of making it up and then freezing ahead of time to take on fishing and camping trips.To adjust for our taste, we added a 2 lb. bag of parsnips peeled, then chunked up in similar size to the potato pieces, yummy!As a thickener….. 1 TBSP uncooked tapioca per cup of remaining liquid (judge by eye) stirred in with 5 mins remaining cooking time.

  221. Avelina

    This will be the third time I make this recipe. I absolutely love it! Just make sure you don’t overcook the veggies.

  222. aptcook

    This is one of my favorite recipes now and I love your site! I had looked long and hard for the perfect Guinness beef stew recipe and this is the one for me! The addition of the wine is great, too. Thanks for your site-it inspired me to try to post my feeble attempts as well.

  223. Meredith

    I made the stew. I think it came out ok. Tastes similar to the potroast I’ve made in the past. I just don’t think it lived up to the hype. It was quite a bit of prep work and time and it came out like regular beef stew. Ultimately, my husband and I were dissappointed.

  224. M. Prakash

    I have made this recipe twice and it really is everything it promised. Hearty, velvety, buttery and absoultely delicious. I added baby bella mushrooms, pearl onions and a little cayenne pepper. One of the best tasting dishes I have either made or eaten! Plus it’s easy!

  225. G. Stephen

    Hi Elise,

    Your stew recipe is fabulous. Even my young daughters enjoyed it and they are both picky eaters. I did have to separate the meat from the vegetables and they didn’t eat it in true stew form but it worked. And my wife and I loved it.

  226. Cynthia

    This was truly the tastiest beef stew that I have ever made! My family all thought that it was sooo good, especially with wonderful fresh crusty bread to soak up the incredible broth. No more insipid stews for us.
    Thanks so much, Elise.

  227. Amy

    This was much better than other recipes that I have made. The wine and beer in the broth made all the difference. Didn’t have any Guinness, so I used Newcastle Brown Ale. I also think that sauteeing the veggies added to the flavor. Will definitely make again.

  228. Linda

    Hi Elise

    Thanks for posting this tasty looking recipe. I made Beef Jaapanese Curry served over rice but wondered how to make a goodbeef stew. I have question, can you replace the beer or wine with more beef stock?


  229. Anita

    This is super duper delicious!

  230. ben

    If you are lucky enough to access to good, fresh stewing LAMB instead of beef, then your stew will be much more authentically an Irish Stew.

  231. Josh

    I mentioned this recipe to my cousin with the fact that the stock had red wine and Guinness. He replied how he had a Guinness Cheesecake a few years ago and it was excellent. I did a quick google and found the following to share with all of you:

    Guinness Cheesecake

    From Denver chef Robert McCarthy, based on his popular “Shot and a Beer” cheesecake. Makes one 8-inch cheesecake.


    1 1/2 cups chocolate cookie crumbs
    3 tablespoons unsalted butter, melted
    1 teaspoon sugar
    1 1/2 pounds cream cheese, room temperature
    1 cup sugar
    3/4 cup Guinness Stout
    2 eggs
    1 yolk
    1 cup chocolate sauce
    1 tablespoon Irish whiskey (or to taste)


    Preheat oven to 325 F

    Combine cookie crumbs, butter and sugar in a large bowl, and spread evenly over the bottom of a 6-inch springform pan. Bake at 325 for 12 minutes. Let rest 30 minutes.

    Beat cheese and sugar until smooth. Add Guinness and eggs, and mix well, scraping sides frequently. Bake in a waterbath for 1 hour 15 minutes to 1 hour 45 minutes until center is set. Cool for 45 minutes, then cool overnight in the refrigerator.

    To serve, allow cheesecake to come to room temperature. Warm chocolate sauce in a small double boiler or in a microwave. Stir in whiskey and drizzle sauce on and around the cheesecake.

  232. Elise

    Hi Pfzisk,
    People on wheat-free diets are usually trying to avoid gluten, which is a component of barley as well as wheat. Beer, stouts, and ales are usually off the list of approved foods for people on this kind of restricted diet.

  233. pfzlsk

    There was a question earlier in this thread about whether Guinness is made with wheat. Guinness is made with roasted barley malt, not wheat. But I don’t know whether barley adversely affects those requiring wheat-free diets.

  234. Laurie Bertram

    I made this stew for my team at work. They and I loved it! Quite frankly, it may be the best tasting stew I’ve ever had. I served it simply with soda bread.

  235. pturnipseed

    I’m an Irish Brat and this stew is very tasty. I followed the recipe but added more salt & pepper only, then served w/rice, corn, & asiago cheese bread & butter! I read a comment above on adding cabbage, I will try that next time. THANKS!

  236. Lori Dwyer

    I made this stew last week, everyone loved it! I just added peas. The beer and wine really gave it a kick.

  237. Susan Clark

    WOW! made the recipe exactly as it was.
    Had 7 people for dinner and used large Ciabetta buns hollowed out as bowls for the stew to sit in on the plate. Thinking that the bowls would be left over I was WRONG there, everyone devoured the bowls and the stew. I even loved the meal which is not usually the case when I do the cooking for a dinner party. SUch a relaxed meal to have with company the stew and a ceasar salad and it was perfect.
    BRAVO!! wouldn’t change a thing I am back on your site today looking for more recipes
    Thank You for sharing

  238. Marge

    Please help me! I am making an Irish Stew for St. Pat’s Day for about 50 people. Does anyone have approx amt of ingredients for this large amount? I have a very limited budget so any shortcuts would be appreciated.

  239. Susan

    I made this dish last night and my husband and I both agreed that this is the most DELICIOUS stew we have ever tasted. Made it with crusty buttered bread heated in the oven and a simple green salad. The flavors in this stew are intense and the aroma while cooking is heavenly.

    I had it for lunch today as well and I think it will be dinner again tonight. It’s that good!

  240. Kelley

    This is excellent! I was looking for a stew without dredging the meat in flour and this recipe caught my eye. I made this a month ago and it was delicious! My family also likes dumplings (e.g. Bisquik) with stew, so I made those and simmered on top of the stew before serving. I am making the recipe again today for company, and the only change I will make is to add celery.

  241. Jaime

    This was such a yummy dish! I made this for my boyfriend as the main dish for Christmas dinner. It lasted for not only a week but tasted even better as each day passed. This is definately a keeper recipe in my house! Thank you!

  242. Paradise Pat O'Sullivan

    To Gerry Gourley – Its called Irish Stew cacause the ingredients are basically what the Irish farm folk used to make a hearty stew on a rainy nite. I doubt red wine was involved – maybe a splash of Jameson’s Irish Whiskey = and you can substitute lamb for beef with equally good results.

  243. Sarah

    Any tips on how to adapt this for a slow cooker? It sounds like it would be simple to do, but I’m not the most accomplished cook and wouldn’t know how much time to add to the recipe, or whether to cook on high or low. I’d also have to omit bringing it to a boil. Any thoughts?

  244. Rob

    I made a double batch of this for ten friends yesterday. It was delicious! I was juggling cooking and teaching lessons all day, so I rushed the vegetable saute step, and cooked the stew longer than recommended. As a result (I think), the potatoes broke down a bit, making the stew a bit pasty. Even overcooked, it was delicious. I look forward to making this on a weekend!

  245. Ellen

    Made this stew today and it was fantastic…. I did all the prep work then threw it in the crockpot to simmer for the day…I’ll be making this again.

  246. Kay Turner

    I tried this recipe & fed it to two of the hardest to please men that I have ever met. Not only am I forever in their good books but I am now commited to preparing it for them once a week for the duration of this winter. I guess it just goes to prove there can be to much of a good thing.

  247. Jenny

    It’s my first time cooking for the whole family and they loved this stew. Thumbs up! I will definitely cook this again!

  248. Karin

    This was a wonderful recipe. I took the veggies and meat out right the veggies were done and reduced the sauce quite a bit for more flavor and texture. I seasoned the meat with salt and pepper before browning (kinda surprised the recipe doesn’t call for that) … I also used tomato sauce instead of paste and used a big ‘ole can of Guinness.

    I will be serving this to my fiance for dinner tomorrow, along with some creamed and cheesy grits. Thanks for a wonderful recipe. The house smells AWESOME.

    Karin, Chicago

  249. Kelsey

    Made this for the first time tonight. Was a hit. I used Yukon Gold potatoes and used a smoked hamhock for extra flavor.

  250. Traci

    I’m half Irish/German, and I love collecting Irish and German recipes. This is THE BEST STEW, and I served it with Beer Bread(so easy to make, and so delicious with this stew!). I found the red wine garlic and beer really MADE this what it is. My boyfriend is from India, so I served this with rice (he put it over his rice) and he thought it was fantastic too! This is a keeper.

  251. gerry gourley

    Why is this recipe called Irish stew?

    • Elise

      Hi Gerry, because it has some Irish Guinness in it.

  252. Jessie

    Delicious! I’ve made this twice, once using Guiness and another time using a much lighter beer- they both turned out great but I must say that the Guiness really makes a huge difference in the flavor. I served the stew the day after preparing it, with hot biscuits… it was the perfect meal for a cold night!

  253. barrie allen

    This stew was utterly incredible…………the best I have ever made. I added pearl onions and 160z. of frozen peas. Thanks for the recipe! YUMMY

  254. J

    I live in Japan and often miss some of the flavors I’m used to stateside. I’d been craving a good Irish Beef Stew for a while, and I can’t visit the Old Irish bar back home, so I made this one.

    This is a WONDERFUL recipe. My mother-in-law and wife (both Japanese) absolutely LOVED it. This is a recipe that I will be keeping in the recipe box and making often in the winter. Relatively easy to make and freezes very well.

    I did vary the original recipe a bit, by adding 1 1/2 cans of Guinness and some peas and corn. Also, I had difficulty finding Worcestershire sauce so I sub’ed a Japanese sauce that’s “similar.”

    To Pam: the wine and beer mellow out wonderfully and there’s no discernable alcohol taste. They’ll love it.

  255. Pam

    This sounds delish but I will be serving this to several children and adults. Is the beer and wine taste too strong for children? Or do the flavors mellow with the cooking?

    • Holly

      It’s not exactly Irish to roast vegetables.

  256. tj

    This is a great recipe for crockpots. I cooked the meat and started it on the crockpot with the broth and Guinness. Then, I added vegetables for the last two hours or so after sauting them.

    Two great substitutions: I substituted half the potatoes with a yam; and I substituted California Masala (a sherry-like wine) for the wine. Simply AWESOME.

    The tomato paste does a good job of thickening it. If you want a bit more thickness…Add a teaspoon of cornstarch to a bit of broth and add the mix slowly 10 minutes or so before serving it.

  257. Dylan

    This is the first time making this. It is on the stove right now simmering and the condo smells fantastic. I moved from Missouri to Florida a year ago and I had forgotten about stews in general. We are looking at a frosty 68 degrees tonight so it will be perfect. Really!

  258. ren

    Wow…this stew is amazing. Loved it! This will definately go into the dinner rotation.

  259. Jared

    I am a huge fan of beef stews, I’ve made em with many different beers, many different wines, but I’ve never thought of using both! Definitely my new favorite! A couple of adjustments I made the second time around were: I roasted, peeled, and crushed a couple of tomatoes and added a small amount of tomatoe sauce I made instead of using the tomato paste. I also added celery and used fresh thyme with the veggies instead of the stew. Thanks for the great recipe!!!!

  260. Caoimhe

    I live in Ireland, and that recipe is basically the same as my mum and granny’s recipe! I love Irish stew – ya know it’s not too warm over here(!), and some steaming hot Irish stew is always a great dinner after a long day. :-)

  261. carey

    OMG this stew is wonderful.. I mean hello this is life and live it to the fullest and trust me this stew makes you FULL… I mean this is the best this is my really first time cooking because now I am in college but this is so wonderful when I get a roomate I am going to make this for her the first night.

  262. Cath

    This is a great stew full of texture and savory gravy, I have made it many times but this last time I froze it to serve after the birth of our first Grand Son…. It looked a little strange when it thawed but then it took on it’s normal consistancy when heated….Now I plan to keep some on hand at all times in the Freezer.

  263. Jannmar

    Oh this is so good! Words can only begin to describe this flavorful comforting stew. By far the tastiest I have ever had. Will make this often, I’m sure. Great recipe.

  264. Trish

    It was a snowy blustery day in Omaha yesterday and we got a spring surprise! 10″ or so of snow. My husband and I scurried around yesterday morning running our errands and getting the ingredients for this recipe and…it is FABULOUS! We served it with a good loaf of fresh french bread thickly sliced with lots of butter. We made exactly as directed and it was heaven on a snowy night! And the smell while it was cooking! As our buddie Rachel would say “Yumm-O”! This is definately a keeper.

  265. Barnaby

    Made this last night and it was delicious!!! Am eating the first part of the leftovers for lunch today and it seems to have got better!

  266. Sarah

    We made the Irish Stew on St. Patty’s Day. We had guiness and irish cider with the stew and our movie to avoid the green beer crowd! Yum Yum! Thanks for the recipe. It will definitely be made again!

  267. Shari

    I made this stew exactly as stated and it was delicious! My son-in-law said he has a “new” favorite meal…Irish stew served with Irish soda bread. And we have a new St Patrick’s Day tradition. Thanks so much for sharing.

  268. Jewel

    I have made this twice. Once for the family to try it out and the next time for my supper club of 20 people. The flavor is wonderful (even when you triple the recipe!) Sauteeing the vegetables really brings out their flavor so they can compete with the Guiness and the wine. The thyme also adds a lot of flavor also. A big hit both times!

  269. Denise

    I don’t think I’ve made stew in 10 years or more….I followed this recipe to the “T” and it turned out fantastic! I have turned over a copy of it to a friend whose parents have just opened an Irish Pub and are looking for some great dishes. They’ll find it here.

  270. CJ

    I just made it! So far so good. I didn’t have Guiness but used Keiths Pale Ale instead. For wine I put Rosemount Estates Shiraz. And I added cabbage for more veggies. Boy does it ever smell good and the beef is so tender!

  271. Kate

    I made this stew this weekend, used leftover wine that we didn’t like on its own. The stew was AMAZING! An absolute must. Had some fresh sourdough bread to dip in and it was all to die for! This is the second recipe I’ve tried from your site, I love reading it every day! Thanks!

  272. Mike

    I’ve made this stew twice and it came out great both times,this last time I added 1 can of corn and 1 can of green beans to the recipe, and it turned out great! this is a stew you’d find in a resturant or a gourmet resturant! you just can’t go wrong making it! and it smell so good when your cooking it!

  273. Catherine

    Great Stew! The added step of simmering the veggies in butter for 20min before adding them to the stew really pays off, it actually makes the veggies taste fresh. Now I am happy I bought a six pack of Guinness, I will have it for the next time I make Irish Stew…

  274. Colleen

    Delicious! The best beef stew I ever made and ever ate!

  275. Charlotte

    Wonderful! My family LOVED this stew and I plan on it being a every Sunday dish!

  276. Mary

    I made this dish, used oxtails instead of beef stew meat, and cooked it for about 3 hours, until the meat was tender. I had no thyme, substituted herbes de provence, which is a blend of rosemary, marjoram, thyme and savory. I also omitted the potatoes, and served it with broad egg noodles, side salad and crusty bread. It was like velvet and my husband said it was one of the best stews he’s ever had. The broth was so rich and dark. I will definitely keep this one handy for company.

  277. allmyms

    This recipe is great… I lessened the thyme to 1 tspn and I added Kashi and celery to it. I also incresed the broth to 8 cups. The night I made it I served it to my husband and all the guys who work at our shop…it was a hit!!!

  278. Username167

    Amazing recipe. What a difference from your normal beef stew! I add lots of cremini mushrooms, a few extra bay leaves and use Yukon gold potatoes. I’ve tried making this without the guiness (using only red wine) but the beer makes it so much better. Thanks.

  279. Denise

    This stew was absolutely scrumptious. My two picky eaters ate it up quick and asked for seconds. I used yukon gold potatoes and added celery, then served it in little bread bowls. Thank you for sharing this recipe! *Ü*

  280. Sheeijan

    I made this over the weekend. Wonderful rich flavor, and perfect for cold nights. I froze about half of it for later. I didn’t have Guinness on hand so I used Newcastle Brown Ale, hopefully that was close enough. I also used Yukon Gold potatoes, yummy! The meat was incredibly tender and delicious. My husband ate two bowls of it for dinner tonight!

  281. sojourner

    Day after tomorrow we’re forecast to have lows into 40’s – hurray! Here in OK that means opening the windows for the first time since April, taking long walks through the riotous color our sweetgums, dogwoods, and maples muster, slipping on acorns under the leaves, and trying not to step on the walking sticks. In anticipation I decided to try this recipe out. WOW! Delicious, a keeper! Very different from the usual beef stew.

    I added an oxtail for richness (actually my husband, whom I had sent grocery shopping, bought a small package of stew meat instead of a large one, so …), 2 shakes of McCormick’s Montreal Steak seasoning for spice, and a sprig of fresh rosemary from the garden, as well as some oatmeal as a thickener. After browning the meat and combining all the ingredients in the skillet, I tossed everything except the potatoes and carrots into the crock pot for 5 hours. Added the veggies during the last hour. Fantastic! Thanks for posting it.

  282. Robin

    This looks exactly like the beef stew my mother has been making for ages. My family is welsh not irish but nontheless the stew is fantastic. We serve it with any hot crusty bread and lots of butter. This stew also freezes well if you take it off the heat just before the potatoes are soft (while they still have their corners). We ladle it into plastic containers and have stew all winter.

  283. Vicci Henderson

    Hi…I made the Irish stew last night…and I must tell you that it is fantastic!!! My husband and I ran around all day yesterday getting the ingrediants…we used a stout ale…and Charles Mitchell Bella Rosa Italian style red wine…(we live up in Placerville) and have such great wineries in the area….I love your blog…and I plan on making lots of your yummy sounding recipes! The only different thing I added to the stew were whole fresh mushrooms…only because we love them…Great recipe..Thank-You! Vicci

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