No ImageItalian Sausage and Mushroom Risotto

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  1. John Young

    That was my first time to make risotto and it turned out great! I’ve liked everyone of the recipes from your site that I’ve tried so far; and that’s a sizable number. Thanks for the good eats.


  2. Liane

    I made myself a barley ‘risotto’ with mushrooms (from Mark Bittman’s How to Cook Everything) a few weeks ago. I used just plain old mushrooms, and with the chicken stock and cooking process even those tasted decadent at the end. So, if you don’t have fancy mushrooms, plain ones are just great.

    If you’re curious about barley, it takes FOREVER and by the time it was done I was about to pass out from the hunger and standing over the stove for an hour, and I was so hungry at that point that the barley was still kind of crunchy but I didn’t care. Yikes. Next time I will use arborio rice and hopefully it will seem like no time at all compared to my last experience. This recipe looks amazing and I am sure I will try it soon. I still have a couple other of your recipes in the queue to try first!

  3. Amy

    This looks absolutely delish! I was wondering how much does this recipe feed?

    8 as a starter, 4 as a main. ~Elise

  4. Jamie

    My husband absolutely hates mushrooms, which is sad for me, but I made this recipe substituting a cup of diced celery for the mushrooms, and it was fantastic.

  5. jen

    I made this last night. I used really old cognac instead of the Madeira. I’d recommend the recipe. It is very good but also extremely rich.

  6. nikkipolani

    I tried this recipe last night (though with 1/2 the butter and turkey Ital sausauges) – turned out fabulous! It refrigerates well; I’m eating some now for lunch :-)


  7. vanessa

    One of my favorite reasons to make risotto is that if I’m cold, physically chilled to the bone, standing over the risotto and stirring it for 30 minutes will warm me right up…and then the actual eating provides a warmth internally. Risotto…I love it.

  8. Robin

    I made this last night for dinner and everyone loved it. I used a different variation of ingredients. I used porchini instead of shiitake mushrooms, Marsala instead of Madeira, and spicy sausage instead of sweet. There was nothing left after I made it.

  9. Richard

    For my version of this, I add a small amount of dried wild mushrooms to the stock while it is heating. It really bumps up the mushroom flavor of the risotto.

  10. Tom in Boston

    I made this on Monday…oh was it ever good! It was the sausage that got me to try risotto-making again…great idea!

  11. IanFJ

    Thanks for admitting that risotto actually takes quite a while to cook.

    I’ve never eaten a restaurant-mde risotto, but am starting to experiment at home. I really enjoy what I’ve made so far, but every recipe tells me that it should only take 15 minutes stirring time, which, of course, it never does. I am always scared to serve the dish to my family because I don’t know whether it has cooked long enough. Now that you’ve told me it can take as much as 30 minutes, I can breathe easier and trust the results.

  12. Annie

    This is a serious version of a slapdash one-pot meal I sometimes make on cold winter days. I saute some garlic in a saucepan, crumble up hot italian sausage and saute that, add chicken broth to the garlic, bring to boil and add the sausage and brown rice. While that’s cooking, I either chop and steam some fresh broccoli or defrost some frozen and then add it at the end.

  13. Trig

    Aah you can’t go wrong with sweet Italian sausage and portabello mushrooms, especially in a risotto. And the great thing about risotto is that it’s one of those meals for using up various bits and bobs around the kitchen, I always base mine on whatever I can find during my “risotto rummage”.

  14. Elise Bauer

    Hi Andy – I think you could easily replace the mushrooms mentioned here with button mushrooms or other types of mushrooms.

    To Anonymous – We loved it! Basically, anything with those ingredients is going to end up high on our list.

  15. Andy

    This recipe sounds great! My fiance and I both love risotto and who doesn’t love Italian sausage? The only problem is she’s allergic to the large mushrooms (I found out the hard way on our first dinner date). She can eat the small button mushrooms, do you think this would taste ok with just them? I think I’ll make it anyway and see!

  16. lydia

    Sounds like the perfect partnership — I would happily do the stirring, if someone else did the provisioning and prep! There is something quite rhythmic about making risotto, just like the rhythm of kneading bread.