No ImageJalapeño Bread and Butter Pickles

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  1. Suzanne Hambleton

    Can you can these? I’d like to give them as gifts!

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  2. Rosie Paul

    I made these yesterday and they are everything Elise says they are. Couldn’t wait so began tasting them today! WOW hard to stop. Thanks so much for sharing this recipe.


  3. Helen Madla Prather

    I followed directions to a T. We loved them but I think I over cleaned my jalapeños no kick to them! I had overload of jalapeños from my garden so I decided to make them again! I cut the jalapeños into slices and cleaned some not all I also quarter my onions so they wouldn’t be stringy. Loved them more the second time with a little bit of a kick. When I serve them I mix half of the first jar and add some from the second jar! PERFECT KICK!


  4. Doug Rapp

    I have used this same recipe for years and make it with sliced peeled cucumbers along with the jalapenos and onions. The crowd goes wild. Also whole jalepenos need a few silces in them to allow the brine to penetrate and they are good and sweet hot. Great recipe thanks!


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  5. Jeri

    Has anyone tried using whole peppers and not seeding? I do sliced pickled jalapenos and leave the membrane and seeds in and they are great. Wondering if these need to be sliced for flavor. Would like to hear from someone before committing. We love bread and butter pickles so are interested in how these turn out. Thanks.

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