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  1. Fernando

    Excellent recipe- works great with pronghorn! (they test more like goats than deer anyway). My mother is West Indian and this is comfort food at its best.

    We meet at an NM wildlife federation meeting some years ago. Keep up the great cooking and writing.

  2. Tricia

    In Jamaica we never used coconut milk to cook our curry goat and it’s a one pot deal we don’t Brown meat first smh

  3. Joanne Pugsley

    I had never made curry goat before, but tried this recipe and now it’s the only one I ever use. I even substitute the goat for chicken pieces on the bone cut into 2 inch pieces. It’s beautiful.

  4. Jeff

    What do you think about using venison? I saw a recipe for goat kneck today and wondered if deer kneck would work, then found this recipe. Shanks, shoulders?

    • Edward Bennett

      VenisoN is just as good I’m a hunter and I curry my wild meatside all the time! I you want something really good buck venison is great. I have friends that only use the backstrap from a male deer and they give me the rest it’s like Christmas time in hunting season !

  5. tinagaunt

    Such a yummy recipe this is my first time cooking curry goat but its so delicious thankyou

  6. zahir mohamed

    Slow cooking always gives the best flavors. As for the smell, use lots of ginger and marinate for a few hours and you will be surprised.

  7. Ana Bradley

    What size can of Coconut milk is required?

    • Elise Bauer

      Hi Ana – 14.5 or 15 ounce cans. Thanks for the questions! I hadn’t realized that we hadn’t specified the size. I’ve corrected that now.

  8. Azar P

    I have been making this curry for a while now. Here is the ultimate compliment – according to my husband it tastes better than the one served at a very popular Jamaican restaurant in our town. I make my own curry powder using a recipe I found on Allrecipes and use a slowcooker for the actual cooking time. Thus making sure that the goat does not come out stringy. Thanks for a fantastic recipe.

  9. Mauretta

    Love goat, starting to become more popular in tasmania (Australia) slowly. Tried your recipe did it all in the slow cooker, beautiful!!
    And totally agree the curry goat always tastes better after a couple of days.
    Have put this in my recipe folder, thanks

  10. dave

    This recipe was absolutely fantastic. I also used the link to the rice and peas at the bottom. I only changed one ingredient from this list – the meat. I used diced casserole beef as an alternative to the Mutton/Goat. It worked a treat! A perfect taste of the Caribbean, sweet and spicy – just the way I like it. Thank you.

  11. Al

    I made this substituting beef, and, using around 1/3 of the ingredients (we are a small family and would be eating a 3 Lb pot of curry for weeks). I also left out the scotch bonnet (and didn’t substitute it with anything else, because I’ve got little ones in the house). Lastly, I used a mild curry powder as well. I’m not sure if I got exactly the intended result, because I did have to round some things off, but it came out quite good and everyone enjoyed it. Even my 14 month old ate it (served with rice). Quite nice; will make again – thanks.

    • Kim

      Have you heard of seasoning pepper? It looks exactly like habanero peppers and tastes like it too without the heat. It’s pretty easy to get in a Caribbean supermarket. Because I have little ones this has really come in handy.

  12. Brooke

    This recipe is amazing!!! My husband says it is his FAVORITE curry of all time. So yummy. Had no peppers so my dish lacked that spiciness but still amazing flavor. Goat is such a great meat to prepare – if you can find it!

  13. ALi

    Has anyone tried this with pork? What would one even use? Shoulder?
    I’m an au pair in Germany right now and beef and lamb is pretty expensive here (and I wouldn’t even know where to START in terms of goat)

  14. Felician

    wow I look up this recipe for at friend that call me for advice today as at Jamaican I do not know the amount of any ingredients in this dish . I cook and bake all Jamaican food by touch and muscle memory, so thank you for recipe. oh for every a simple Indian trip to had a nice kick of favor to this dish is to add extra curry powder the oil before frying the onions.

  15. Amanda Davis

    So glad to see recent comments on this recipe, as it looks great & I have been gifted some goat steaks – so question is: can I use goat steaks in this recipe?

    I used to go to a Jamaican restaurant in college for goat roti and LOVED it but have never had the opportunity to cook goat myself. This recipe looks easy & with so many good comments I’d really like to try it!

    Thanks in advance!

    • Hank Shaw

      Yep, you can use them. They will not be as rich in fat as a leg, but they will work. Cube them up and go from there.

    • Elise Bauer

      Great question. I don’t know. Anyone else?

  16. Veronica

    Hank, I see your instructions that read “Make the curry powder.” but I don’t see a list of ingredients to do so. Do you have that posted somewhere else on your site??

    • Hank Shaw

      Veronica: All I am referring to is mixing the store-bought curry powder with allspice. It’a not actually making the curry powder, although you could if you had a mix you really liked.

  17. Annie

    My husband is a huge fan of goat meat, so when I saw a vendor at the local farmer’s market who was selling it I couldn’t resist bringing home a few pounds of stew meat. The only problem is that I’ve not yet developed a real taste for it… until last night when I made this amazing curry! I took someone’s suggestion to try coconut oil instead of vegetable oil and it was perfect. We also eat a lot of venison in our house, and we always try to marinate it in milk for up to a day before cooking it to take some of the gamey flavor out of it. I tried this with the goat and was amazed at how delicious it was. I suspect that the enzymes in the milk also help to tenderize the meat as well. It cooked for about 4 hours and was super tender. Oh, and I also added carrots along with the potatoes. It was so yummy! Thanks for such a great recipe!

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