No ImageJerusalem Artichoke Soup

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  1. Tom M

    Can this soup be served cold?

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  2. Geoffrey Satterly

    I’m the cook at the moment while my wife is staying with our girl in hospital. It’s almost winter down under and I have Jerusalem Artichokes growing in the back yard. This was a very helpful recipe. I threw it all into the slowcooker after the sauté part and pureed the cooked Jerusalem Artichokes and poured it back into the soup. It went down well. I replaced the chicken stock with bone broth.


  3. Melissa

    YUM! My husband and I had this for dinner tonight. I used more garlic (4 cloves instead of 2), added some dried veggies and coconut cream.

    We usually have fried Jerusalem Artichokes with breakfast. This was a welcome “change of scenery”. Thank you!


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  4. Colinda

    Love this soup, never ate Jerusalem Artichoke before but will definately make it again!


  5. Vince

    Tastes great! Excluded celery as I did not have on hand. The sautéed garlic and onion had excellent flavor to the creamy base of sunroot.


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