No ImageKale Pesto

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  1. Steph

    Just received two giant bunches of kale from a friend’s garden. Made three batches of pesto and it came out fantastic. Going to have some tonight with pasta. I always like to finish it with a bit of butter before serving a la Marcella. Thank you Elise. You always come through for me with the recipes. You are amazing.

  2. Renee Mills

    This sounds wonderfully delicious! Whenever I buy kale, I buy a lot. Looking forward to making this next time!

  3. Marta @ What should I eat for breakfast today

    I am happy to try any new recipe including kale :)

  4. Malika A. Black

    I love basil pesto and I make many variations of it. Usually by replacing a portion of the basil with spinach, parsley or cilantro, even avocado.
    But I never thought about using kale! This is a great idea. Thanks for the recipe!

  5. Manju


  6. Sara @ Last Night's Feast

    I’ve never tried to make kale pesto before, but your recipe looks like a good one! Definitely trying this now

  7. Liz

    This is perfect for the extra bunch of kale that I have sitting in my fridge right now! Looooove pesto so I’m going to give this a try

  8. Rachel

    Since I don’t like basil, I’ve never liked pesto. This recipe looks perfect for me to try!

  9. Licia

    I’m going to the store today to get my kale and try the recipe! It looks delicious and your recipes are always wonderful

  10. Jen

    looks delicious! can’t wait to try..will it work to use a VItamix instead of processor? Mine broke!

    • Elise Bauer

      Hi Jen, my guess is that it will work in a Vitamix, that’s a strong blender! Though you might want to chop up the kale a bit more finely before you add it to the Vitamix.

  11. Sarah

    This looks fantastic!! Does kale pesto freeze okay?

    • Elise Bauer

      Hi Sarah, I haven’t tried freezing this pesto, though I don’t see why it wouldn’t freeze as well as regular basil pesto.

  12. Megan at Lush to Blush

    Yummm! This sounds so delish!

  13. jjmcgaffey

    I usually make my pesto with spinach – fresh or frozen – and basil, and often other herbs (parsley, oregano…). I’ve never tried kale. Chopped fine enough, it isn’t tough? I’ve found it so when I didn’t cook it enough. Though there may be different varieties of kale.