No ImageKale Sausage Soup with Tomatoes and Chickpeas

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  1. Elizabeth

    Chickpeas from the can did not take 20 minutes to cook!

    I followed the recipe exactly. My soup is now done, everything except the chickpeas which are quite hard. It I were making this again, I think I would add the chickpeas with the tomatoes so they could stew longer.

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  2. Dan

    I think it was great only thing different was I used baby spinach instead of the kale which I would have used if I had it on hand.


  3. Val

    Made it exactly as stated in the recipe, it was “ok”, not great.


  4. M.K.

    I love this recipe. I come back to it again and again and it has become a comfort food for us. Great dish!


  5. Alicia

    This is a winter favorite in my house. I have changed it slightly :-) I use fire roasted tomatoes and cannellini beans since my husband doesn’t like chickpeas. I’ve also used spinach instead of kale but I prefer the kale. Thanks for this recipe!!!


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