No ImageKentucky Burgoo

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  1. Agnes McFarlin

    It was amazing. I forgot to add beans, still amazing, I also skinned chicken drumsticks and added those with the pork and threw in some steak I had in the freezer. I added mushrooms and frozen spinach too. This dish is very versatile. You can add so much as far as ingredient variety. Hearty, tasty and a crowd pleaser. Thank you for the amazing guide. Next time I have a get together I will make sure to make this easy and wonderful dish.


  2. Patti

    This is almost a Brunswick stew. Needs smoked meats for the flavor!

  3. patricia

    very favorite on a cold day


  4. Nina

    Born in Louisville Kentucky! Love this recipe but I have gout so no pork but I substituted shrimp!


  5. The Congo

    Born and raised in Lexington K,Y. This was really good, love the way it turned out. I cooked 2 pounds of bacon and used all that left over grease , instead of vegetable oil and added the bacon and ground beef and ground bison. Would love to know your ideas on cornbread , thank you from my home to yours.


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