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  1. jerak

    Just made this and it is absolutely fantastic! Never would have thought to put all these different ingredients together. Thanks for the recipe!


  2. Kate

    I made this tonight and it’s great. Only problem is that I added way too much jalapeno so it is very very spicy. Any advice on how to cool it down?

    Note from Elise: Yes, pick out as much of the jalapeno as you can, and add some more avocado. Avocado actually dissipates the chemical in the chili that makes it hot.

  3. Marty

    Where can I get a male and female kiwi plant – I want to add it to my garden from hell.
    Love this recipe!

    Note from Elise: Check your local nursery for kiwi plants. They can probably order you some if they don’t have any in stock. Check also if your climate is appropriate to grow them.

  4. Tom

    I saw this on your blog the other day and was looking for an excuse to try it out.
    Tonight was the night, as I had a nice fillet of salmon that a friend had caught and given to me.
    I picked up everything from the grocery store (except for the cilantro… I forgot it) and made the salsa while the salmon was cooking.
    What a FANTASTIC addition it turned out to be!
    It went absolutely wonderful (even without cilantro) with the fish.
    I’ll definitely have to try this one again!
    Thanks for such a terrific site with all these great recipes.


  5. Lupita

    Just absolutely loved it. I added extra jalapeños. I love hot salsas. It made a great afternoon snack right out of the bowl with tortilla chips.


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