No ImageKohlrabi Ham Bake

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  1. Sandy Plaia

    I planted red and green cabbage,. What came up didn’t head instead had like a bulb above ground and leaves coming out of them. I think I have kohlrabi. Now I will try your recipe with the ham, but I am allergic to eggs.

  2. Sharon Cooke

    First time I saw this was in the vegetable section at Lowe’s so I took it home and grew it been growing it for the past 7 years I love it and so many of my friends want me to cook it up for them in the kohlrabi ham bake


  3. [email protected]

    I am lactose intolerant, can I substitute the cream with anything else?

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  4. Marie

    The first time I saw this recipe I thought hum this must be very good but I’ve never seen this sort of vegetable in my entire life so I decided to abandon the idea… Funny as it seem I went to an asian market and found some. I made the recipe tonight, it was extremely good. I will keep it in my personnal recipe book.

    Though I’me still trying to figure out an easy way to peel these

  5. lucille

    Are the kohlrabi tops eatible?

    Yes. ~Elise

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