No ImageKorean Spicy Cold Noodles

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  1. Sharon

    Yummy! Satisfying yet easy enough for a weeknight (with bags of preshredded carrots and coleslaw).


  2. e

    hello. interesting recipe.
    i just wanted to point out when you say korean wheat noodle (guksu) – guksu is noodle. so what your saying is korean noodle (noodle). korean wheat noodle is arrowroot noodles or memil noodle.

  3. MH604

    This dish is so easy to make and so pretty. My shortcut is buying a bag of coleslaw instead of a big head of cabbage I would not be able to use up, less chopping ;)I used potato noodle, I like the chewy texture better.

  4. Sandra Lina

    Dana — Try using less sauce. The more sauce you use, the spicier it is. Either cut down the amount of sauce you make, or add it little by little until you get the right effect. Also, try eating it with something cool on the side. Cold asian pears are always good!

    Anyway — I just had a craving for this wrapped in lettuce, like little spicy noodle lettuce wraps. Oh, man. I’m going to have to make some when I get back from work now. It’s been on my brain since you posted this the other day! Bad, Elise, bad! Don’t tempt pregnant women! :(

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  5. Dana

    Holy hot deliciousness! This was SO good — but SOOOO hot! Maybe we weren’t supposed to mix all of the dressing in with noodles….it was so tasty, but so INCREDIBLY spicy! Kept adding more carrots and lettuce and cucumbers to cut it down. We loved it – might just find a way to take down the kick a notch next time.

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