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  1. Natalie H

    I’m thinking about making this for my foods class since I was assigned kumquats, do you think it would be as flavorful if I blended it all together?

  2. Garrett

    I recently did this again for a potluck. Due to the fact I was in a rush I just tossed the kumquats into a food processor after cutting them in half and plucking out any easy-to-get-to seeds. Chopped up some cilantro, and some green onion instead of red. A more slammed together version that I think lends itself more to chips. The more pico de gallo large chunks version in the picture is definetly more effective in tacos and on fish.

  3. Susan from Food Blogga

    Thanks for the link, Elise. I’m addicted to those little fruits with the big taste! I even wrote an NPR Kitchen Window piece on them last month. One of our local farmers has been growing Meiwa kumquats which are rounder, plumper, juicier, and sweeter than Nagami kumquats. If you can get your hands on them, grab them and don’t let go! They’re amazing!

  4. Cara

    We had some kumquats and limequats that we picked up at a local fruit stand. We put this in some homemade tacos with carne asada and corn torillas. It was out of this world, the fruit really gave it a nice citrus kick that was to die for.

  5. Amanda

    We made this today with all the kumquats on tree! Never thought of putting them in salsa. So good!

  6. Garrett

    I had some more of the salsa with some greek yogurt the other night. Perfectly delicious. I’m sure any cottage cheese fans out there would also love this little dish!

  7. Leisureguy

    I really like kumquats braised with chicken. Cut chicken into serving pieces, brown, put in a baking dish/pan with some liquid (I use white wine with a little orange and lemon juice, perhaps a little honey), sprinkle with halved kumquats, salt, and pepper, and braise in oven until done.

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