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  1. L & S

    My husband and I spent three months traveling in China last year. With the help of an iPhone application called China Menu (, we frequently ordered Kung Pao Chicken. Since returning, we’ve tried the dish at several restaurants and it has always seemed a little off. This recipe is fantastic! We just made it with the peppercorns. We like our food spicy, and it was perfect. The best Kung Pao we’ve had in the U.S. Thanks.

  2. Mary Kay

    Delish and doable as always. I used cooked chicken and I only had to buy the fresh ginger – great meal!


  3. Foodrepublik

    Great recipe! I live in China and Kung Pao chicken is one of my favorite dishes. This recipe looks pretty authentic. I prefer to use ground Sichuan peppercorns though, as the whole ones are quite overwhelming if you happen to get a few in one bite. One question about the ChinKiang vinegar – is that black vinegar, red, or just plain white rice vinegar…or something else entirely?

    ChinKiang is a black vinegar. ~Garrett

  4. Nadine

    This Kung Pao recipe was great. Wonderful flavors–and not at all gloppy like some Kung Pao can be. Also, you’re right, the Sichuan peppercorns do add something.


  5. Elizabeth

    I have fond memories of eating Kung Po chicken in Nigeria in the nineteen eighties — the only dish in the hotel’s Chinese restaurant that was any good. Probably because chicken, peanuts and hot peppers are Nigerian staples, and there were no vegetables to go soggy. But I just made your version, and it was MUCH better. Thank you for improving on my memories.

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