No ImageLamb Braised in Milk with Fennel

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  1. Marthinus

    Made this in a presure cooker. Came out perfectly. 40 minutes and it was done. I added a squeeze of lemon juice and it elevated this dish tremendously. Give each guest a lemon slice on the plate. Thank you. It was wonderful

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  2. Renee

    Hi Elise! This is my first time commenting (shameface) but your website is our go-to and everything has always turned out absolutely delicious. Super late in the game but, I started this recipe and forgot that we don’t have cream or half and half, which is what I’ve used before for it. I just have milk, but I also have creme fraiche and was wondering if that would work as a substitute? I know the consistency isn’t the same, but I figure it’ll reduce in the braise anyway. No worries if you don’t see this in time!

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  3. Holly

    First of all, I added the parsley at the earlier point. When I make it again, I will do the same AND add some at the end. This is a great dish! I could not stop eating it! Wow! The barley worked really really well. Will try the spelt next time. Keep these great recipes coming–so glad I found this website!!

  4. Holly

    I’m in the process of making this right now and it’s already delicious and I’m not done. However, I have a question–you have me adding the parsley with the garlic and fennel seed, then again at the end. Which is it, or both? Thanks so much–I can’t wait to eat it. I’m substituting barley for the farro, which I cannot find. I did find spelt but am not using it today. Is spelt actually a good substitute? Thanks–your website is absolutely the best!

    Hi Holly, good catch on the instructions. Add the fresh parsley at the end. Regarding spelt and barley, both make good substitutions for farro. ~Elise

  5. Julie

    Just made this tonight and it was a huge hit. Had to send husband out for emergency parsley run during the early stages because I’d forgotten to read the ingredients list all the way through. Wonder if it would have worked without the parsley? Would love your thoughts on that. Made the FARRO too! My first time — what a crazy delicious grain! Elise, I am a huge fan of your website. Your recipes are go-to for me. Especially the chile verde. It was a huge leap of faith to try braising in milk — and as I’d bought four pounds of lamb (originally for guests — long story). It came out perfect. I can’t wait to eat it again tomorrow! (Am assuming it reheats well.)

    Hi Julie, so glad it worked out for you! I know how nerve wracking that can be, especially when you make a big $ commitment for the ingredients. Here’s the deal with parsley. It’s a “bitter”. Your tongue can only taste five things – salty, sweet, sour, bitter, and umami (you’ll have to look the last one up if you are unfamiliar with it.) A well balanced dish hits many of these tastes. This recipe doesn’t have acid, but it does have sweet (fennel), salt, and bitter (parsley). A bitter can also help balance the fat in a recipe, the way acid (lemon juice) can. So yes the recipe can be made without the parsley, but the parsley does help balance the flavors. And I agree, farro is crazy good! ~Elise

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