No ImageLamb Shank Stew with Root Vegetables

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  1. Edith

    This is a delicious stew and was a good way to use some of the root vegetables from our winter CSA share. The only change I made was in step 6 rather than pushing the vegetables through a strainer, I put them in a food processor along with some of the broth. This thickened the sauce and retained all the flavor. Just a thought.

  2. Peter

    Could I do this as a root vegetable stew sans the lamb or any other meat? From the ingredients, I suspect you could still get bold flavor without meat.

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  3. Elizabeth Duckworth

    My mother taught me this recipe back in 1960 when she was helping me learn to fix inexpensive meals for my husband and myself when we were going to college and living in the housing for married students.
    The only thing that has changed is the price of Lamb Shanks. It once was about the cheapest meat you could buy at a cost of about 19 cents per shank, plus so many people had a small garden, the rest could be free, especially if you invited them for dinner!
    55 years later I am still fixing this dish, my husband is still enjoying it, my mother is still alive. I think the only thing I do a little differently is when I add the meat back to the pot to simmer and warm up (step 7) I then add my gremolata on top of the meat, it seems that just those few minutes will take away the “rawness” of the garlic and lemon, for us it works better.

  4. patricia

    made this using a pressure cooker. turned out great! thank you for this recipe


  5. Jeanne Morales

    I am from Sacramento however now live about 40 miles in a village from Guadajara Mexico. We have lamb shanks but no rutabagas, parsnips or turnips. Lots of carrots. I love the winter root veggies. What could I use instead? Also I would add a little of barley to the dish.

    If you don’t have root vegetables, I would just skip them. The lamb will still be great. ~Elise

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