No ImageLamb Shanks with Butternut Squash

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  1. Jane

    This was yummy! I especially liked the gremolata. Thanks so much.


  2. Roland

    Excellent recipe. I made two changes: 1) I used lamb shank steaks because they were on special at my local market. These worked great and they were tender in about 80 minutes. 2) Because my oven is small, I couldn’t simultaneously cook the lamb shanks and the squash. My solution was to grill the squash. To do so I peeled the squash, then cut the squash in half lengthwise, maintaining the shape of the squash. Then I cut each half into quarters before putting the pieces on the grill. This worked great.

  3. Emily

    Elise, let me just say. I have had lamb shanks. And I have loved lamb shanks. And when I managed to sneak lamb shanks into the cart under my unsuspecting voice-of-reason boyfriend’s nose, I was thrilled to finally try out this recipe.

    The lamb was luscious, buttery delight on a bone. I halved the recipe since we’re only two and added a handful of cranberries and a sprig of rosemary; it was just DIVINE.

    But I have to be honest. The butternut squash just stole the show because (confession) I have never had it before. It was delicious!

    I am now on a butternut squash kick which will undoubtedly culminate in mashed butternut squash: what sweet potatoes always should have been and never were.

    Thank you so much for introducing me to this new, wonderful squash.

    You, Elise, are my culinary hero!


  4. Sue

    I love lamb yet as a younger woman I hated it & the smell, now I can’t get enough! This recipe was awesome, love butternut squash too. Was not as time consuming as it looks, I prepped all the veggies the night before, that was a big help. I could only get 3 shanks @ the store so also picked up a center cut lamb steak which I buy often to grill. Still could of used a little more, maybe 2 more shanks so as to have left overs. I think I would add 1 more can of beans & then thicken the gravy (broth) so as it would be thicker like a stew. The broth was absolutely delicious. I was also thinking of adding some potatoes cubed. This would be more like a stew. The broth alone is more like a soup but I like the added thickness & the taste of stew. Now, all you need is a nice fresh loaf of your favorite bakery bread, awesome. This gets a #5 in my book.

  5. Slarty

    Wow. Fantastic. Loved how the orange flavor meshed with the squash.


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