No ImageLamb Stew with Almonds and Apricots

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  1. Jay Osiris

    Can this dish be done in a slow cooker?

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  2. denis gendron

    would be nice if you included nutrition values with the recipe! tasted great!

  3. Abel rumph

    You did a great job rebalancing the ingredients in this recipe. I followed the recipe to the letter and it came out great! This is a keeper!


  4. Nathan

    I made this recipe today with stew beef. It came out delicious! I used 5 lbs of chuck cubes and increased the other ingredients roughly proportionately. I lightly braised the beef in a hot wok after marinating and before adding to the stew. This gives a better texture to the meat. I also added salt to taste at the end–the recipe doesn’t mention salt.

    I used prunes instead of other dried fruit. Simmer times were quite a bit longer, maybe because of the increased size of the recipe.

    I was concerned it was going to be too thin, but with the honey and a long simmer at the end the sauce came out perfectly: thick and glossy and flavorful. Yum!

  5. Katherine

    I found the liquid to be thinner than expected – maybe I should have cut it back on stock to begin with since I cut back on the butter by 1/3. The lamb itself was delicious and tender. All in all, an interesting and filling dish that was easy to make.

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