No ImageLeeks Vinaigrette

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  1. Vickie

    II made these and they were great! We loved them. I will definitely make them again and rerecommend this recipe to others.


  2. Mae ... OTP in the ATL

    If the usually overlooked and/or discarded dark green tops of leeks are to be used in a soup or stock, do they replace the onions typically used in the base sauté, or are they IN ADDITION TO the onion-garlic-carrot-celery base?

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  3. Terri

    I’ve always wondered why the top parts get discarded here. In Polish cuisine, the white and light green parts are used in salads and the dark portion is chopped up and used in soups. This looks and tastes absolutely wonderful!

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  4. Pamela

    When you call for olive oil, do you use extra virgin or is a milder flavor better?

    This looks so good. I bet the vinaigrette would be good with grilled leeks, too, since I love grilled veggies. I just love your site and have been known to spend far too much time browsing and appreciating your beautiful food photos. I’m making your honey mustard chicken right now, and the house smells so good! I’ve tried several of your recipes, but the comments are always closed on them by the time I get there. So I’ll say thanks here!

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  5. Garrett

    Just made this for dinner alongside some salmon and potatoes dressed in yogurt and dill. Made for a wonderful meal. =)


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