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  1. Mark

    Delightful recipe, especially when you consider how simple and easy it is. I fixed eight thighs, which I trimmed pretty closely. I had little marinade left for basting, but I poured off 1 3/4 cups of drippings when I was done. Fortunately, in my fear of preparing top little pasta, I prepared way too much, so the the drippings had a place to go.


  2. Judy C

    Very flavorful! We just loved it! I made it for weeknight dinner and thought it was delicious enough for company. Used the entire recipe of marinade for 4 bone in chicken thighs and had plenty of marinade in reserve that I added to the pan juices half way through the cooking time, which we used on our plain rice. Another winner Elise – thank you!


  3. Tony Wren

    Nice, but nothing special. Not enough marinade to “reserve” and use for basting. Not enough pan juices to serve separately – just dribble it over as you serve it. Kosher salt is a waste of cupboard space – just use sea salt for everything.

  4. Jody Timm

    Husband and I loved it! Thank you!


  5. Chloe

    Hey Elise, Im thinking about making this dish tonight, however I’ve got the whole chicken leg and not just the thigh, should I adjust the cook time?

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