No ImageLemon Meringue Pie

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  1. Suzi Piegols

    It was beautiful! I was concerned because I used a hand mixer and the egg whites weren’t making much of a soft peak after much mixing, but I went ahead and added the cornstarch/water mixture (first time I heard of that!). After beating for a long time at high speed, I had a pretty decent meringue. Heated the lemon curd ‘til it was bubbling, then put it all together. Only problem was the meringue wants to slide off the filling. Otherwise, beautiful and delicious!


  2. Trisha

    Fabulous recipe! Finally a successful Lemon Meringue Pie experience. Thank you!


  3. paula bennett

    this is an awesome recipe that closely resembles mine…only difference is the 5 eggs, I usually use 4..And I never cooked corn starch and tarter for meringue….It stayed nice and big even after it cooled…IT WAS BEAUTIFUL!!!!!
    I really didn’t want to share.. But I HAD to…..


  4. Nat

    Normally I don’t leave ratings, but this is a “masterpiece” per my neighbor. I don’t consider myself a novice baker, but found new tips to improve my meringue and blind baked crust. Worth the extra time in the end product. Thanks! My son loved his lockdown baking request.:)


  5. Diane

    This was my first attempt at lemon meringue pie. It came out perfectly even though I made it on a rainy day. I used Meyer lemons because we have a tree that has an abundance of lemons right now. It was the perfect combination of tart and sweet. Great recipe!


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